Lust – and Lust

Still pretty bunged up – bleh. Had a very nice weekend – up early for a bit of a run on Sunday and then a visit to Chook in Winchester. Nice day for it. Saturday has already gone from my mind – I have a feeling it was productive… I think DH and i went somewhere and managed not to bicker (huge achievement!). Ah yes – long walk in the park with puggie… pleasant stroll with productive discussions. Deuce has taken to getting aggressive and nervous with other dogs – this is a concern for us. We’ll be doing some obedience classes and training sessions to try to sort this out.

Sat we also went and got a movie – Lust, Caution – a movie by Ang Lee based on Eileen Chang’s short story. I’ve read one other of Eileen Chang’s works – and it was oppressive and beautiful in a haunting and chilling way. While I do think it is a good film, a beautifully tragic story, as the ratings warning goes “Contains strong sex”. And they ain’t kidding. Very explicit doesn’t even cover it. I mean… when do you get to see a male lead’s balls? I’m still of two minds about all the sex – does it add to the movie? I’m not terribly sure it does. But then, it is pretty integral in showing how things develop… still. I could have done without the balls.

Dreary rainy day today, but I did get a chance for a quick visit with Alicja – helped her move some things from her old place to her new place a block away.

Oh and I got my RSC May kit! Piccies to come as battery in camera is dead.

DH still at work – actually he came home then had to go out again to a meeting. Poo.

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