Surfacing for air

Sorry for the long silence, I’ve been underground recently getting some secret project stuff together. But finally there is light and I’m coming up for some long overdue air!

Now B – I’m diligently looking for a D but not gotten very far. Have found a great G and a fun R but no D’s yet. I’ll keep looking!

So I’ve been busy also doing non-secret stuff.

Take this:


And a slightly bored and fed up with my hair Alice, and you end up with this:


I cut myself a fringe and some layers and some length off my hair. It was actually quite liberating and, though a bit messy, kind of fun. Next time I should get a decent pair of scissors rather than the kitchen ones!

Last Saturday the Socktopod knitters got on the trains for a day by the sea:


We had ice cream, lunch on the beach (shingle beach, as I learned!), and went shopping in the Lanes and the Laines. Not enough knitting time i think, so next day out will be somewhere a little further – Cambridge – for some punting!

More piccies here.

Oh I also have been organising the yarn room. Shelves have arrived, my Ikea desk top too – so now that my secret project stuff has wrapped up, I’m going to spend the next couple of days organising and then do a photo show & tell! i have some before photos so you can compare to the after! 🙂

David off this weekend to a charity Peak marathon hike. Me, I’ll be hanging at home, with some spinners (spinning group is at ours this sat) and hopefully enjoying the sun and pimms. A trip to Ikea is on the cards, but hopefully not till next week.

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