Bonsai! Bonsai! Bonsai!

No, I am not doing a Japanese war cry, but in fact calling out to the newest addition to the Yu-Cotton clan – Bonsai, my angora goat. I kid you not. Today, D came over with an early bday pressie wrapped up in recycled socktopus paper. I opened it up to a photo frame. I was wondering if she’d framed a photo of herself for laughs… but I turned it over and found
a photo of a curly fuzzy angora goat!

There were some folded documents accompanying the photo – I unfolded them to read “Agistment Agreement” – basically an ownership agreement for livestock! So I now have a little baa growing up in Australia! Much more humanitarian than trying to raise it on my balcony. πŸ˜‰ Soo cool. In return for taking care of my little baa, D’s mom gets a kid from Bonsai every year but if there are more kids, then they stay part of Bonsai’s family. I will have an empire of Angora soon! Whaahahahaaha!

Seriously tho’ – it is a goataciously awesome pressie. Thanks D you rock!

I also got some pressies in the post from my dear MIL, FIL and I think David’s grandma. Will wait till tomorrow to open it.

4 thoughts on “Bonsai! Bonsai! Bonsai!

  1. Definitely soon! Did I mention that goats commonly have three kids per year πŸ˜€ and then the kids have kids…

  2. OH MY GOSH! πŸ™‚ WOW! What a great present!! :)I was so tempted at Woolfest when I saw the cute Angora goats. We can’t actually have one in our house but they’re so wee.And when I learned Pygora goats are even SMALLER! Wow. :)But in our back yard my goal is to have ANGORA BUNNIES! We have room for a hutch. I want two. A gold one (creamy strawberry blonde) and a blue one (smokey grey).HAPPY BEAUTIFUL BIRTHDAY, ALICE!

  3. Oh wow, what a great gift. When will you be posting pictures? Will you be planning a visit to go see it some day?

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