Bonsai Birthday

Here are some more piccies of Bonsai –
goats 002

goats 003

goats 007

Full of character this one! Eating, and posing for the camera. A girl after my own heart!

I thought I’d share what I woke up to on my birthday:


DH always makes himself a cappu (said in the vein of Hugh Grant’s friend in Notting Hill), and me a latte in the morning. But Tuesday morning I woke to a real treat – my absolutely fave breakfast dish – eggs benedict – on new plates.

The arty shot:

And the plates. We got a pair of bowls from K, and I love them. It’s the little Fu dogs on them that remind me of Deuce that just make me laugh everytime I see them. Anyways, we have some now and will continue to collect them over the next few years. Very exciting.


And the piece de resistance – salt & pepper shakers (that now adorn my desk so I can look at them and giggle). Aren’t these little guys cute?

Thank you to everyone for the bday wishes – it was really a wonderful day. 😀

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