How does your garden grow?

Thanks for the lovely comments on the socks! Haha Jane do not despair – sign ups will open for 2009’s sock club very soon…. ;D

And to show that there has been other growth in the family…

This grew from a little sapling (is that the right word?) from my FIL, it was less than a 10 inches high when we first brought it home. Now look at the strapping boy.

Here is a photo of the tomatoes growing on it from a few days ago – it’s a lot more red now. I’ll take a piccie tomorrow.

And our housewarming orchid – from Alli 6 months ago. It’s bloomed again!


I have some lavendar too which I am looking forward to seeing bloom.

Today Deuce had a day out at the Macmillan dog day – he spent his time frantically sniffing, everything. I think he had a good time!

One thought on “How does your garden grow?

  1. wow, you do have green fingers, however, I wish you would make your photos bigger as I wanted to have a nosey at your books!

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