Cloud 9

The yarn room make over is almost complete! I have a bit more rearranging to do, then it will be fit for photos. Our mishmash store room has also been transformed into a utility room – complete with shoe cupboard, work surface, and storage space. Photos to come too once the final rearranging has been completed. I’ve spent Mon & Tues building and drilling (with some help from Diane) and am very pleased with the results. Photos to frame and hang and voila! Happy happy.

The weekend was a blow out. I forget, now that I spend days at home with Deuce, about arranging a ‘sitter’ when we plan to go away. We were supposed to be in the Cotswolds this weekend, but I very stupidly forgot about arranging this with Cleone, Deuce’s walker, until too late. By then all her team were either full or away. Last ditch pleading with the cottage manager resulting in a little bending of the rules, but coddled as Deuce is, I couldn’t bear to leave him in the atrium on his own whilst we were partying next door. He would cry and whine and I wouldn’t be able to bear it. 😦 So we stayed in town. At least the weather was gorgeous and we went for a long walk in Richmond Park on the Saturday, and Deuce jumped into the lake there! Amazing, given how he hates the rain and getting wet!

Monday Irmgard arrived for B’s final push to finish her book for her deadline – welcome back Irmgard! We’ll see the clan on Saturday, hopefully B too. Had a little chat with charming Sophia – she is making carrot cake with her Oma! Just like the two of them, so much get up and go. Tuesday was Clare’s bday drinks, which sadly meant I couldn’t make the Woe Betide’s gig just north in Clerkenwell. I hope it was fab!

And today – i had a wonderful, amazing, package arrive in the post from a lovely wonderful (and talented!!) friend. May I introduce you to Niji (now Mooi from Louet).


This is the best photo I could take of the yarn – it’s so hard to capture the sheen and colour. This yarn – this yarn – words really fail me. When I opened the package and pulled out the yarn, I spent a good five minutes just saying ‘Oh. My. God.’ over and over and over again. The yarn is 70% bamboo, 15% bison, 15% cashmere. It is SOFT. Like little clouds of heaven spun into yarn. And the lustre. My goodness, the silk and the bamboo give it this unearthly sheen. The skeins literally glow. It’s so weird, and mesmerising. Then there’s the colour. I hadn’t expected the colour to have so much… so much depth, life. I’m guessing because the yarn is a blend of different fibres, each fibre takes the dye slightly differently and this is what gives it so much movement of colour. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not a semi solid by any stretch, this is solid single colour, but.. so much more. It has highlights and lowlights that even Jennifer Aniston’s hair colourist would struggle to achieve. I’m totally beside myself with .. i don’t know how to describe this feeling – I feel like Gollum must have done when he found the ring – it’s my precioussssss!!!

Now, the reason I was so desperate to get some of this is to knit up a sample before the big Louet boxes start rolling in. Yes my dears, that bunch of scrummy yumminess I was hinting at before is Mooi, which should be arriving in September. And now, seeing this yarn, touching this yarn, my goodness I am so excited I don’t know how I am going to wait until I get the boxes (and the other colours!)!! Thank you thank you my dear Niji Angel!! A stole and a shawl are planned for this yarn, and you’ll get to see the sample (and fingers crossed, the yarn) at iknit day and Ally Pally!

2 thoughts on “Cloud 9

  1. oh my…can you send me a 100g sample out with the next sock club pack please? I will test it nicely for you!

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