The Room of Requirements

Done! As promised, i have a bit of show and tell for you. Ages ago I was inspired by Sam’s incredible yarn room to redo my work space into something more… well, less cluttered! Before I go on, let’s visit the Before:

As you entered the room, on the right wall, was this cabinet and the tv (because inexplicably the Sky TV thingie is in here):

The turning around, facing the cabinet was my packing station.

Next to the packing station was my very very very teeny desk. Horrid. Even when I was a student I had desk three times that size!

And next to the desk against the final wall, another tall organising surface. ย Clutter clutter clutter. And though yes it is yarn, it could have been so much tidier!

After an order from Ikea, and an in person visit to that hell hole chaotic place, alot of drilling and building, moving around, shuffling, reorganising, and throwing stuff out I am ready to show you the butterfly that has emerged from its very very cluttered cocoon.

Come in, plenty of room. Oh look! What’s that? Could it be a real, grown up desk with more surface area than a postage stamp?

Let’s take another look at that desk.

A rail for photos and fun things, a magnetic board for notes, hooks for yarn and my niddy noddy, and underneath lots of space for pens, scissors and other necessities (and my Mooi in the corner where I can stroke it!).

Sitting at my desk, I can look out the window, and I get a glimpse of Battersea Bridge – see the red double decker bus?

Next to the window, I have a wall of my Pippi pictures and baskets of yarn. Blue Moon Fiber Arts skeins of woobu and LSS overflow from the ikea noje baskets, with a random assortment above and below.

Continuing the journey counterclockwise, where my packing station used to be, is a wall of glorious shelves.

Let’s remember my packing station and computer with postage stamp desk for a minute:





May I present you, the Wall’o’Yarn:


Another view:

Sigh. I love that wall.

Now onto the final portion of our visit today. The packing area. The right side with drawers for all the bits and bobs, needles, samples, etc. And of course a bowl of yarn.


The new packing station where all the parcels are put together with boxes of Socktopus yarn beneath (those are camelspin under there)

And as we near to a close, just as you entered, on the right before the desk we have a little shelving unit for samples, my own books, and more yarn (casbah and duet):

Finally, behind the door is some more sneaky storage – lots of hooks for all my bags! Knitting pouches above, bigger bags below (all with projects inside ready to go!)

And to recap, the After. Come visit soon! ๐Ÿ˜‰


The next tour will be the Utility Room! Slightly less exciting, I know, but for us who have been without a dryer for decades, it is like winning the lottery! Dry clothes! Hurrah!

8 thoughts on “The Room of Requirements

  1. It’s totally awesomely awesome!! Even since I saw it on Monday it’s changed so much :-)I’m going to come and visit very soon!

  2. I just love the new room,I am sure you will enjoy even so much more when you are working in this room, well done, Alice.

  3. Looks great!! Ooh, and I can see the subversive cross-stitch pic on your desk too ๐Ÿ™‚ ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. An-An, I love your R of R. After decluttering and staging our house for sale, I really appreciate how much work goes into remaking a room like that – and how much a person can enjoy a decluttered space. Are all those yarns Socktopus yarns or your personal stash? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  5. The one thing I didn’t see, my dateslexic friend, is a calender????? Otherwise, top marks. We could use your skills here.

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