Team Socktopus

How is it another week has slipped by without me hardly noticing? Summer is here today, the sun shining the colours vivid outside. Lots of goodies have arrived by owl, er, by post (can you tell I have been listening to Harry Potter?) Big box of Pagewood Farm, laceweight Willow Creek, fingering weight Aleyska with a touch of cashmere with the merino, and fingering weight St Elias in Bluefaced Leicester.

Justine & Sally of Miss Flip Knits came over last night, we had some wine, and talked yarn, and rounded off the night with a fun interview. Amazing what a bit of wine can do to calm jittery nerves!

We had our housewarming/wedding drinks last weekend, with FIL & MIL coming up from Isle of Wight. Was a lovely weekend, we had some sun to enjoy on the balcony, with knitters and rowers and lawyers mixing it up. Little Sophia came and was adorable (of course!), and Emilie came and made fast friends with Deuce. Sunday was MIL’s bday and we went to Ken Garden and to a local restaurant Deep for some really lovely food.

This week my accountant came by, and we spent a few hours talking numbers and getting files and papers organised. Open day on Tuesday, some lovely ladies came over and visited the Vault, and tomorrow David & I are going to watch Damon Albarn’s Monkey opera. That should be good fun!

Meanwhile, Deuce is patiently waiting for me to take him out. Good little monkey that he is.

Oh yes! I’ve joined the Ravelympics (on Team Socktopus, of course!) and will be participating in the Sock Put and Shawl Relay. The event requires that we cast on our project at the opening ceremonies on the 8th August, and to cross the finish line, we have to finish our project before the closing of the Bejing games. I’ve signed up for the Sock Put and Shawl Relay.



I’m posting up my badges in my sidebar! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Team Socktopus

  1. never heard of the monkey opera, sounds like fun! I must put a couple of those badges on my sidebar…I need to find some photos for a blog post first but I am melting here!

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