On a roll

We had fresh bread for breakfast yesterday – DH let the dough rise in the fridge overnight, and popped it in the oven when we got up. Bread in supermarkets is…. a travesty frankly. Absolutely no comparison! More yeast added to the dough helps it rise despite the temperature, we need to experiment to get the right amount. L&R came over for dinner last night – it was really nice to see them and catch up. Saturday night is J&A, maybe I can convince them to play a game of scrabble.

Friday today – another dreary but muggy day. Room looking slighty bettr, extra shelving/storage arriving today as an experiment. If they work, I’ll order a mass of them.

Deuce’s laduzi is better. I wondered whether he has Giardia, as he is so fond of drinking from muddy puddles and licking wee of the grass and concrete. A trip to the vet is in the offing I think.

Student Days

Meeting up with B on Monday really made it plain that it had been way too long since we’d last seen each other! So I’m really pleased that we’re starting up our regular meet ups again -we used to take turns picking a restaurant every few months, some of the most memorable were visits to Locanda Locatelli, Gordon Ramsay, E & O – I think the staff at GR didn’t know what to do with us as we were the only ones left in the restaurant, laughing and chatting away with no inclination to go anywhere, and I think they were all pretty much ready to go home! At Locatelli we had a mad night with professions of love and marriage and a visit to Sketch, and at E&O we kept craning our necks to watch Randy Andy divorcee royal with his glam brunette date. I can’t remember when we stopped – various things got in the way (pesky stuff like work and budget constraints). This time of course 2 of the 3 of us have serious budgetary restraints (me having no salary is quite the deflater of big plans), so we’re scaling down. Reminds me a bit of school days when Wagamama was our regular haunt and an excursion to Yo Sushi was a serious indulgance. Luckily we’re in London – according to Gourmet magazine the best place in the world to eat out! I don’t disagree. Sometimes a little sleuthing is necessary, but this place is a veritable Aladdin’s Cave of great eats, if you take the time to look. I think we need to find an ethiopian place. I fancy some of that yummy sour spongy flat bread…oh and the restaurant where you eat in the dark. That should be interesting!

The day is grey again today though meant to get muggier as the week progresses. Count down both to iknit day and to the club parcels going out. AND to a visit by A from home – my uni flat mate. Sigh – more tidying today, somehow my tidying always gets much messier before it gets better.

One of our neighbours has a new black pug puppy – 13 weeks old, a tubby little bundle of frolicking joy. Such a cutie -and totally fearless and mischievous. won’t leave Deuce alone when they meet – keeps trying to get Deuce to play with him, and Deuce keeps running away. It makes me laugh as he is exactly like the puppy when he tries to play with bigger dogs – who all seem to do just as Deuce does, and try to run away from Deuce. Kat also has a new puppy – a little black one. Can’t wait to meet her, I bet she is a total cutie.


Deuce has been having some tummy troubles as of late – poor guy got me up at midnight cause he needed to go out and laduzi. Back onto rice and chicken, I don’t know what is causing this – there are a couple possible culprits – 1) dog toothpaste that I’ve bee using to brush his teeth, that he hates. 2) drinking from the richmond park pond, or any muddy puddle he finds. 3) licking other dog’s willies, and/or pee. Best not to think too much on that.

DH has been cycling in – the weather has turned a definite autumn. Sigh. So much for summer – we did manage to make it to the beach once, though it was quite chilly. Off to tidy some more as boxes are arriving and starting to pile up. I believe there is another trip to IKEA in the offing – i need more baskets.

I Don’t Care! and a Prince who is really a Bum.

DH & I spent the morning clearing up around the house, doing some much overdue tidying and decluttering. Bedroom looks good, things to get rid of are up on ebay. We also did another fartlek run, this time in Richmond Park with the pug. Deuce managed to run quite happily with us (and play with other dogs, and have a go in the pond) – we have a half marathon coming up at the end of September and we, or rather, I am woefully unprepared. David has devised a training scheme so fingers crossed it will work a mini miracle!

Spent the rest of the day hanging out with Sophia & B at Regent’s Park. We drove up to the park, and aside from the usual congestion near harrods, the rest of the roads were quite clear. I always find it strange when London feels empty. Sophia danced, and threw coins into the fountains to make wishes (she has great throwing arms, as she is pretty ambidextrous at the moment). I am always amazed at how much S grows every time I see her – not just in height but in development – she is a chatty and charming, and funny! Oh and she communes with the pigeons.

We got ice cream from the Cow and Coffee Bean kiosk, then a great organic sausage from the Honest Sausage, catching up on the main event of the past few months. We strolled through the Queen’s Garden to take in the roses, and talk future plans involving South America, L.A., and not Dubai.

I always forget how pretty regent’s park is. I used to walk through it to go to work when I was living in Belsize Park and on secondment to the BBC. Gorgeous way to start the day. We ended the walk at Pain Quotidienne, with the most amazing pate and cornichons, and some story-reading with Sophia – the Paper Bag Princess and Pierre, the boy who says ‘I don’t care!’.

Bank Holiday and end of Ravelympics….

another lovely day – blue skies, sunshine. Unexpectedly nice for bank holiday weekend. David ended up overindulging a bit yesterday evening, and we got off to a late start today. Breakfast at a nearby pub Duke on the Green, then a stroll in South Park, a really nice walled green. Still feeling a little peaky, but not as bad as Thursday.

A pleasent surprise – my pension administrator thingie sent me a cheque for £30, for doing things ‘too slowly’. I hadn’t even noticed! I’m on track to finish my Sock Put event, though sadly my shawl event will go without a medal. 😦

Tomorrow a day at the beach, and the day after a day with my goddaughter! What better way to spend the long weekend?

Parcels galore!

ahh fun things in the post – Pattern Tamers, more Ocean Wind Knits (better be on your toes – these colours are FAB and, if last batch was anything to go by, are likely to disappear rather quickly!) more Smooshy and Baby from Dream in Colour (Classy has been posted and is on its way). Piccies to be taken and then loaded up, should start trickling onto the site this weekend.

Throat still sore, but head clear which is nice. I have a few things to take to the post, and the afternoon will then be spent trying to finish my event for Ravelympics!

An old friend has just gotten engaged – Congrats, pip pip what what. Spiffing good show, old boy! 😉