Beijing Razzamatazz

Wow. Just finished watching the Opening Ceremonies at the Bird’s Nest. Pretty impressive. My mouth hung wide open for most of the start (the drummers! the movable type! the torch guy lighting that fuse!). A real spectacle. We kept comparing the ceremonies to what we might be able to expect from the UK Olympics…. and we decided that maybe with another 38 million and a very blind eye to health and safety regs in this country we could get some pyrotechnics going and lots of people being hoisted up on wires doing cool stuff. I normally don’t feel a strong urge to be at any olympics, but seeing the ceremonies and Beijing certainly made me really really REALLY want to be there. Sigh. I don’t often feel wistful about my time as a student there, but seeing the ceremonies certainly made me come over all nostalgic. that wild west frontier feeling, the sheer possibilities that exist there – just blow my mind. Anyways it was awesome to see that Zhang Yimou is the chief director for the ceremonies.

Cast on for my shawl for my Team Socktopus Ravelympics event – I will do this first then do the socks (must finish both projects before the closing ceremonies).

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