I felt a pang of guilt when I saw the last post date on my poor neglected blog. Since my last post, I’ve hosted a few classes at my house – a great socks technique one with Jane Lithgow & a spinning class with Diane Mulholland. Everyone came away with new techniques and skills – it was great to see.

Yesterday I developed a sore throat, and a muffled head. Hopefully I can shake this cold quickly as it would not do to be ill for iknit day or for the prep and packing for the next sock club parcel.

Exciting press-whore news – Socktopus was featured in last month’s Simply Knitting – a non-solicited review on their webpage! Very cool. And they said such lovely things too. I was so chuffed. They made a wee error though – according to the review my local sock knitting group is based in Brighton! I bet the Brighton knitters were as surprised as I was to discover this.

We’re also in the August issue of the Inside Loop as the Featured Business. Sort of a glorified ad, but it’s cool to see stuff about Socktopus/me in print. And there is a pattern in there – Frank, you need to go look. Shur’tagal is the pattern name. 🙂

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