I Don’t Care! and a Prince who is really a Bum.

DH & I spent the morning clearing up around the house, doing some much overdue tidying and decluttering. Bedroom looks good, things to get rid of are up on ebay. We also did another fartlek run, this time in Richmond Park with the pug. Deuce managed to run quite happily with us (and play with other dogs, and have a go in the pond) – we have a half marathon coming up at the end of September and we, or rather, I am woefully unprepared. David has devised a training scheme so fingers crossed it will work a mini miracle!

Spent the rest of the day hanging out with Sophia & B at Regent’s Park. We drove up to the park, and aside from the usual congestion near harrods, the rest of the roads were quite clear. I always find it strange when London feels empty. Sophia danced, and threw coins into the fountains to make wishes (she has great throwing arms, as she is pretty ambidextrous at the moment). I am always amazed at how much S grows every time I see her – not just in height but in development – she is a chatty and charming, and funny! Oh and she communes with the pigeons.

We got ice cream from the Cow and Coffee Bean kiosk, then a great organic sausage from the Honest Sausage, catching up on the main event of the past few months. We strolled through the Queen’s Garden to take in the roses, and talk future plans involving South America, L.A., and not Dubai.

I always forget how pretty regent’s park is. I used to walk through it to go to work when I was living in Belsize Park and on secondment to the BBC. Gorgeous way to start the day. We ended the walk at Pain Quotidienne, with the most amazing pate and cornichons, and some story-reading with Sophia – the Paper Bag Princess and Pierre, the boy who says ‘I don’t care!’.

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