Deuce has been having some tummy troubles as of late – poor guy got me up at midnight cause he needed to go out and laduzi. Back onto rice and chicken, I don’t know what is causing this – there are a couple possible culprits – 1) dog toothpaste that I’ve bee using to brush his teeth, that he hates. 2) drinking from the richmond park pond, or any muddy puddle he finds. 3) licking other dog’s willies, and/or pee. Best not to think too much on that.

DH has been cycling in – the weather has turned a definite autumn. Sigh. So much for summer – we did manage to make it to the beach once, though it was quite chilly. Off to tidy some more as boxes are arriving and starting to pile up. I believe there is another trip to IKEA in the offing – i need more baskets.

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