On a roll

We had fresh bread for breakfast yesterday – DH let the dough rise in the fridge overnight, and popped it in the oven when we got up. Bread in supermarkets is…. a travesty frankly. Absolutely no comparison! More yeast added to the dough helps it rise despite the temperature, we need to experiment to get the right amount. L&R came over for dinner last night – it was really nice to see them and catch up. Saturday night is J&A, maybe I can convince them to play a game of scrabble.

Friday today – another dreary but muggy day. Room looking slighty bettr, extra shelving/storage arriving today as an experiment. If they work, I’ll order a mass of them.

Deuce’s laduzi is better. I wondered whether he has Giardia, as he is so fond of drinking from muddy puddles and licking wee of the grass and concrete. A trip to the vet is in the offing I think.

One thought on “On a roll

  1. We had a great time last night! Next time you should come to ours or perhaps we should go to Bodeans? ;)The bread (as well as everything else) was delicious! Thank you once again.

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