Whirlwind and Blurs

Oh it feels like an age since I last wrote!

Saturday last my dear friend Alice from Canada came back from her cruise tour of Scandinavia & Petersburg. Then on Sunday we had the second part of Diane’s Superspin class. I was so impressed by all the great yarn they produced as ‘homework’. Spinning is such a great craft – a little patience and perserverance, and the results are amazing.



More pictures here

Alice had only a few days to spend with us, and her only wish was to go back to Paris – so on Tuesday, Alice & I headed off to Paris, to relive memories… and to learn to knit! Haha resistance is futile – another recruit!! Tuesday we strolled around St Germain, ending up at the Bon Marche in the, yes you guessed it, yarn section. Among the Anny Blatt and Bouton d’Or yarn, I bumped into Larissa – a knitter friend from London! Small world. So we made plans to meet up with the Paris knitters on Wed night. Alice got some lovely Cashermino in purple for her first garter stitch scarf, and some not so lovely aluminium needles (sign, why why do stores sell them???). No matter, we found ourselve at Le Select Cafe down on Blvd Montparnasse and ordered ourselves some drinks and got to work. Alice was a natural (she’s ambidextrous, and great with eye hand coordination) and was clickety clacking along in no time. By the third row she was hooked and by the end of the night had a very respectable 5 inches of garter. I had to make her put it down to go to sleep! Next morning I came out to find her sitting on the floor knitting on her scarf. Well and truly bitten!

A day of roaming followed and then it was the Paris knitters meet up at Cafe Saint Germain just off the quai. Only no Parisiennes came… it was me, Alice, and Larissa who held the fort that night for the Paris knitters. The waiter was a darling, raised his eyebrows in an approving way when I ordered some Ricard, and we knit the night away.

Came home Thursday to gorgeous Laksa at Nonya (had to wait till dinner tho as they were closed when we arrived). Alice headed home :(. It’s always a treat to see her – I used to share a flat with A at uni so we go way back. One of those friends where time and distance don’t matter – you just pick up right where you left off last!

Friday was manic though as iknit day was fast approaching – Saturday!! I had one day to sort out the show stock, display and bits and bobs. A trip to John Lewis, B&Q, Rymans were all done after a slew of parcels went off to the post. I finally finished packing everything up at 1 am and plunked into bed. Up again at 7 the next day to get the van loaded and off to Linley Hall where the show was being held.

Iknit day is basically an intimate show for knitters, spinners and crocheters. This is its second year but fast becoming (well, actually, it has already become!) THE knitting event in London of the year! So much fun, so many lovely people, and this year the Yarn Harlot came to check out the city and give us all a great talk on Knitting. This is my second year at iknit day, and I enjoyed this year as much (is it possible to say, even more?) than last year. I got to meet the amazing and lovely Yarnissima, Sandykins, Maureen, Leanne, Karen, oh god the list goes on, and the usual suspects my dear socktopods, though I barely had a chance to say hello let alone run to the loo! Still it was just an amazing day. Diane Mulholland and Emilie were stars and helped out all day – which was a godsend because the stall was 3 deep pretty much all day and we were wiped out of stock by the end of the day. I could not have managed without those two. Thanks to everyone who came by to say hi and to do a little stash enhancement. I blinked and all the Malabrigo was gone! Another blink and the Artisan Hazelknits was gone. I think we had 2 sad little boxes to take home of yarn – all the rest were emptied. Certainly made packing up a breeze! I’m totally looking forward to Ally Pally – we’ll have lots of new stuff for the show. Hee hee.

Some piccies of iknit day:
The queue starting to grow for iknit day

The inside of Linley Hall

Me and my mini stand!

All photos are courtesy of indieknits (thanks Laura!). More of her photos of the day here!

Jen stayed with us that night, and was a huge help in packing up for the show with Emilie and DH. We headed home, David made us a yummy ragu pasta, I had half a glass of wine and had to take myself off to bed. Up again on Sunday for a Superspin class with Diane. I think everyone has a mini spinner inside them waiting to jump out – and this group was no exception! Lots of great spinning, and even some creative spinning to get the max out of a spin:

Perfect form:

Resulting in spindles full of yarn-to-be!

Proud new Yarn mamas:

And close ups of their handiwork:

Today has been trying to get back into the normal routine, though I think now, i need to just sit on the sofa and stare blankly at some random show and knit stocking stitch… I only managed to knit one row of my lace scarf at the show…I’ve been working on a simple but open lace stitch and after some knitting and frogging and experimenting, have settled on this creation, which is a combination of an estonian stitch and a heart motif. Working title ‘Heart of My Eye’ as you see hearts one way, and eyes the other. I’m toying with Mata Hati, but am looking for something in particular in Farsi I think. Will sort it out once it’s done.




One thought on “Whirlwind and Blurs

  1. my goodness Alice…you are a whirlwind! I love seeing the photos and so wish I could have gone to IKnit Day! Maybe next year…

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