All caught up, it took a few days of hard slog. Today all the yarn drop parcels were sent out, and tomorrow all the sock club parcels will go out too. Picked up the pattern booklets today, can’t wait for people to get this month’s kit.

Head down and got on with things, and managed to get all my tasks done and on the boat into town last night at 620. Made it with 5 minutes to spare! Met up with Shih as she was in town for a conference, and headed to Mugen, a japanese place on London Bridge. Was great to see the posse again. Talked of renovations – J&A bought a house and they are finally almost ready to move in, after almost a year’s worth of construction, Shih is redoing her loft space now that she has 3 kids and the 3 bedrooms isn’t going to be enough once the littlest one is out of nappies. C is off to Japan next year, and Koki just moved to what he called a ‘really fun place’ – and then described all the crazies running up and down his street chasing each other and beating each other up!

Today was photo shoots and uploading products – all the Karatstix tools are up now and the new highlighter tape too. Tomorrow is yarn photos and uploading them to the site.

Got a nice surprise today – my mom called and we had a nice chit chat. There is a good chance we’re doing a family trip next Feb to Jordan & Libya to see my dad before he retires. DH has been going on about Jordan since he went with work a couple years ago, and I’d love to see Petra. And next summer we are planning to take a sabbatical, well, DH is planning on taking a sabbatical, and me I will plan on doing a seek and find mission for yarns and fibres, in July/August. I don’t think I can take another summer in London – it’s been on the whole rather too grey for me. A little injection of sunshine would be lovely.

Now, time to log off and get some dinner! And do a little knitting of course. And to cuddle poor Deuce who feels a bit neglected.


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