Happy Birthday Socktopus!

Saturday evening was a girlie’s night with soon to be Mrs M. Ottolenghi and cocktails (I made a nummy M Special, if I do say it myself! Splash of Triple Sec, Vodka, muddle lime & nectarine, and cranberry juice. Yummy stuff). Found some sock knitting enthusiasts (yippee!). Lots of catching up and getting to know R & L a little better. Very nice evening overall.

Sunday Socktopus hosted the second half of Superspin 1.

There were 5 stations at which students were able to practice the various parts of spinning. First the preparation – carding.


Resulting in gorgeous fluffy clouds of BFL:

There were 2 wheel stations and a spindle station in between.


It was wonderful seeing everyone creating yarn – there are so many different things to remember when spinning, it is really like learning to drive for the first time. Treadle, not to fast, and not to slow, keep the wheel going round, drafting with the hands, remembering to feed the single into the bobbin… but everyone did so well. Check it out:

And ta da! Look at that yarn!

Sunday night DH Deuce and I headed over to Henley for a goodbye/belated wedding celebration dinner at J & C’s. They are heading out travelling for a year at the end of the month. We reminisced about high school – I didn’t know DH got the highest mark in the country in… oh I can’t remember now what subject. math? economics? Apparently he was in the paper or something. He makes me laugh – I only find out these random things about him in passing and through his friends! He does keep shtum about so much stuff.

Ahem. I have an announcement! Firstly, may I mention that Socktopus is today officially one year old. I am chuffed and thrilled to bits at how Socktopus has grown and come into its own. Thank you to all the Socktopods and everyone who has been so encouraging and positive. It has been a fabulous first year, and I am looking forward to Year 2!

And no, I am not preggers. I mentioned a meeting on Friday – it was to see a small studio space nearby, just off Lots Road. It is a wonderful little space, part of a warehouse development with walk ways and courtyards, and the space I am looking at is on the ground floor, with a street entrance and a door onto an internal courtyard. I loved it, and the people at the studio gave off such a pleasant vibe. It felt right. So today I went back for another look, and I’ve decided I am going to take it. Socktopus, my dear readers, is about to go Click & Mortar. We’re going to have a wee shop, with opening hours, and a proper place for classes, with a little courtyard for sunny days to sit and knit. I am just beside myself with excitement! I still have a few hurdles to jump (like references etc) but so long as my bank doesn’t do a Blue Moon, it looks like Socktopus will have a new home come end of October (and DH will finally get his spare room back!). We are aiming for a move in date of 22 October, so please pencil in Sunday 2 November in your diaries as we will have a wee opening party that afternoon! I’ll confirm once I get all the paperwork done, I am sooooo excited. hop hop hoppity hop! SQUEEEEEEE!!!!

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Socktopus!

  1. Congratulations!!! So glad you decided to go with it and of course we’ll come visit =DDate marked firmly in pencil in the diary. Awesome =D

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