Ipod Alipod Socktopod

Must be the time of ipod upgrades, because I, like Ali, have a new little friend! Only mine is pink – in honour of Socktopus’s first year.  


It was a surprise pressie from DH – very sweet.  I forget how much I love having an ipod – my old one was one of the first click wheel.  2nd? 3rd generation? It was so long ago… when I was living in Richmond.   I had that for years, then got a shuffle for running,  both of which have since absolutely died. I briefly had a new shuffle which came just before we went away to get married – and I lost it on the plane on the way out for our honeymoon. 😦  So this hot pink baby is just perfect.  
Dropped off the deposit today for the studio – Number 9!  eeek. I still can’t quite believe it.

3 thoughts on “Ipod Alipod Socktopod

  1. Congratulations on getting a shop! Diane told me yesterday, I’m so excited for you!!! (as you can see by the amount of !) Mikix

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