Spindlefrog Falkland

Just arrived for Diane’s Spun Singles class on Saturday the 6th Dec. Still spots left if you want to sign up!

This is what you can do with the singles when you’re done:

The photo is of Diane’s Morning Surf scarf…. purdy isn’t it?

We’re also offering beginner’s knitting classes – learn to knit your first Tulips cardigan, a little top down seamless cardi.
starting in January.

Or you could just pop down to the shop on Wednesday evenings and I’d be happy to get you started! For basics tuition, there is a £10 fee to cover materials.


Poo. Poop. Have been waiting for ages for Twilight the movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s books to come out. Well, it was released this weekend in the US. UK doesn’t release it for another month! Argh. Well we’re on par with Vietnam, Venezuela, Israel and Brazil, and at least Ecuador is later even that the UK (March 09 release date). Italian Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Italy, Russia,

Hungary, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, UAE, even the Phillippines (!!!!!) release it next weekend. Sigh. I may just take myself to Brussels for the day and go watch it there.

Last night David & I went to watch Waltz with Bashir, an animated memoir about the director’s experiences serving in the Israeli army in the Lebanese war of 1982, and in particular about the massacre by Lebanon’s Christian Phalangist militia of Palestinian refugees in the refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila and the Israeli army’s involvement. I knew it was about the director’s experiences, and I knew it would be gritty. The film was…has a stunning echo, resonance, however you want to put it. When the credits started rolling, the silence in the theatre was so heavy. no one fidgeted or coughed. If someone had, it would of echoed like a boom in there. The film draws explicit parallels between the camps of the Holocaust & the culpability of the Nazi soldiers and their commanders on the one hand, and the Sabra/Shatila massacre and the Israeli soldiers, and in particular an accusing finger is pointed directly at Ariel Sharon (minister of defense at the time, aka by his diminutive Arik), on the other. As an aside, the Israeli government’s Kahan Commission investigated the massacres and found Sharon guilty for not having done enough to stop the horror once he became aware of the massacre. He was dismissed of his duties and prohibited from serving as Minister of Defense for another term. Still, he became Prime Minister of Israel twenty years later.

It’s harrowing and thought provoking. Searching, and unflinchingly honest. Which makes it all the more worth seeing.

First Snow Baby!

There has been a real nip in the air the past few days, and this morning we woke up to see white snow sprinkling the surfaces! I love snow despite how London handles it. it always makes me think of the huge snowbanks when I was little, and the amazing cave and snow slide my uncle dug out for me and my cousin when we were both little. Def the coolest thing ever.

And huge congratulations to Ed and Alison who had their little baby daughter yesterday. 11 pound wonderling, and in time to greet her first snowfall. Just magical!

Get Googled

Sometimes for a laugh I google myself to see if I come up in the results (the things that amuse me…). Searching just my name used to only confirm that there were loads of people out there with the same name, a large number of whom work in the medical field. I guess lots of parents with the same last name stopped at the A section of the baby name books.

Anyways, as David has been out at the rugby and I’ve been crazily test knitting the next club sock, for a break I searched me + London and discovered that I was first in the ranking, as well as number 5 on page 1. Wild. A search of just my name turns me up at the bottom of page 3 – with a mention from the Inside Loop (btw check out their new issue live now). Makes me realise really how small the world has really become.

What did we do before Google and Wikipedia?

Bittersweet Sunday – actually not bittersweet at all, just cakey delicious!

Rainy and drizzly, today was a great day to be at the shop. Arianna & Edward dropped in with mini cupcakes and cinnamon rolls – there are some left overs which I am greedily going to keep for breakfast with coffee (hee yum yum!). The cupcakes were pumpkin spice & tart lemon – the tart lemon ones were totally moreish. The cake was moist and perfect, and the icing… oooh divine. Tart and lemony totally perfectly balanced with sweetness. Ahhhh.

Superspin 1 finished up their part 2 – and the evidence was there on the spinning wheels – lots of singles! Then we had a full house for the Sunday knit -Arianna, Edward, Tricia, Lucy, Mel, Emms, Marianne, Emilie (mommy’s little knitter), Gerri, Diane, and later on C & Carl too!!

Yes dear B- Sarah & Ruby are indeed your Sarah & Ruby! I hope they come back soon – I am itching to get Sarah knitting.

Oh exciting news (for me at least!) we had three visitors today from Sweden! I was able to offer them cake & coffee in Swedish. And they found Socktopus through Ravelry. Honestly Ravelry is the best thing since lattes and Bittersweet Bakers cupcakes.

Tomorrow I venture back to the City for a catch up with my JPMC colleague Melin – looking forward to that for sure. And then Alicja is coming to visit the shop tomorrow night.


I moved the furniture around in the shop (surprise surprise!). Looks cozier! More room for chairs. It was a good day for visiting – Arianna dropped by with some surprise cupcakes (all gone now, sorry – but ooo they were yummy!). Sarah popped in with baby Ruby (who was a perfect doll – slept like an angel!). Then Diane (with lunch – yummy and thank you!), then Ali, then Yuvee then Ruth! And finally a lovely lady at the end of the day searching for the BSJ. I am officially a destination! Yay!!

There was spinning, and knitting, and chatting and tea. Now off home to feed the little monkey who was being rather naughty today and had to be taken home at 5pm.

Oh and I found out that my anonymous poster was none other than my DH! Hee hee. Yes, I will find a special Socktopus kettle so we can return the other home. 🙂

Look what the van brought by…

So the little white tables are now my tea station (much easier than traipsing up and down the spiral stairs to get water). Can’t wait for the water cooler/heater thingie to be delivered.

And the 10 quid chairs! Some slip covers and bob’s your uncle! I think they will look so cute in a pale mint/cream striped fabric.

And my little table. So cute. Definitely well worn. I’ll get a replacement hinge for it this weekend.

Cozy, no?