Cough Cough, Ahem

My mom is visiting to help out with setting up the shop. With the help of Diane, Ali, Laura & Nora, we moved all various boxes and bags of yarn and fibre and shelves to the new studio. I’d rented a van, and everything just fit into it – the whole van was rampacked, as was the passenger seat in the cab. I had to haul stuff around just to access the emergency break!

Friday morning Diane, my mom & I headed up to ikea to pick up some more bits and pieces, and thankfully it was quiet, and there were staff who were 1) there, and 2) available to help! I was totally gobsmacked. I guess going on a weekday morning is a good thing! Then back to the studio. It’s really coming together nicely, Nora got some photos of the empty space on Thursday and I’ll take some more today. I have to say I’m mightly pleased with how it is coming along. we didn’t have time to paint the walls the colour I wanted (a warmish pale yellow) but I can’t say I’m not happy with the plain white as it is. Maybe next summer we’ll paint the walls.

We’re having our little opening party Sunday afternoon, with cupcakes from Bittersweet Bakery – keep an eye out for this one. Arianna the pastry chef extraordinaire behind it whips up the most amazing cakes.

Now to catch up on the long silence… hmmm let’s see – first was Las Vegas, and I owe you photos of that, and they will come but after I have had a chance to catch up on all the late parcels for Socktopus (SOS, Sock Club, and orders) on Monday when everything is unpacked. Suffice it to say the wedding was lovely – low key and intimate, with a dash of gambling and a large sprinkling of glamour. Sedona & the Canyon were just amazing. I have to go back, and I really want to go down to the floor of the canyon – preferably in a helicopter and not on a mule. Then back to London. I had 3 days to get myself together for Ally Pally, running around on Monday to get things done, Tuesday packing and then Wed setting up. Dee, Emma, Emilie, Laura, Alicja, Mel all came out to help on the stand. It was great fun, though there were definitely more knitters at iknit day than at Ally Pally. Next year I will skip Ally Pally and just do iknit day. The show ended on Sunday night, Monday I was able to sleep and pack and try to make our house less of a warzone, and Tuesday I was off to NYC for Rhinebeck, another wool show.

The election campaign is of course in full swing in the US – my doppelganger Ellen introduced me to Countdown with Keith Ubermensch (can’t remember his real name), which was so fiesty and straight up I just loved it. I was pretty appalled to find that Mr McCain lied about being unavailable for the Letterman show – no no I take that back. It was more that he was caught lying in such an… unrefutable manner. Live on the Letterman Show that McCain claimed he couldn’t make because he was putting his campaign on hold, Letterman got wind of another interview taking place with Katie Couric…. and showed, live, the preparataion for the interview. It was McCain getting made up for his interview with Katie Couric. I mean, sheesh, I expect all politicians to lie, but generally I also expect that those lies are ones that are generally a bit difficult to pin down, at the time. Whoever advised him to give the excuse he did and cancel on such an immediate and popular media format seems to be rather out of touch.

And then Rhinebeck – how awesome was that? I went up the Hudson River to Rhinebeck to meet up with a group of ‘Sock Stars’ – self proclaimed group of sock nuts from Sock Camp last year. We rented a house in Redhook, a small town in Dutchess County. The house was just gorgeous (and I am always pretty bummed when the places we stay on holiday are mansions compared to our little flat in London). Sam, Carole & Joan were there already. Friday Susan came to meet us. We had a fabulous time and meandered around the Wool & Sheep fair. I met Buffy & Don from Shelrdige Farm, Sheila & Michael Ernst, along with some others, saw CeCe, Cecelia & Cathy from Sock Camp, Laura (Cosmicpluto) too. I’ll write more about that later on, with some photos too! Sigh. Oh I also meat Sean, who owns a yarn shop in Boston. I’ll find out the name for you J! 🙂

Now off for breakfast and back to the shop to put some flatpack together!!! oh and I have a stinky cold!

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