A whole week of Socktoshop

So far so fun – I had a couple of parcels last week – yummy Louet Mooi (have to write up my mata hati pattern and knit another swallowtail… no wait, must finish my other one… no wait, must finish… well, many things first), Cariad Yarn (aka Posh Yarn – Emily, Laura, Lei and Miranda), and Oceanwind Knits is supposed to be shipped out from Canada tomorrow. Yay! And now I have been officially open for a whole week at the new shop. Finally found a table I like, now to get some chairs and cushions.. and where to put the christmas tree?

Tomorrow going to see the doctor, nothing serious just a blood test to check on my thryoid function (that is, if they will give me one. Maybe they won’t, i never know how it works with the GPs here).

This weekend was my goddaughter’s birthday party – she turned 3 last week. She’s a very active and self assured little girl. Such a sweet heart she was dressed as cinderella, though she was a bit disappointed not to have worn her matching cinderella undies. It was happy chaos – lots of little kids playing not quite with each other, but near enough, with Annalise the children’s entertainer leading songs and starting out with a dress up bag (ingenious!) and face painting. A little girl, very serious looking and cute like a little china doll had a small butterfly painted on her cheek – I think she was pleased but she kept a poker face to keep Annalise guessing. Arlo and Hilde were there – Hilde a totally self possessed grown up 7 year old, and Arlo the sweetest little pirate ever. Another pirate with a large foam sword was a bit scary – he was chasing Deuce around with the sword screaming, though with an imperious command from Sophia went running to the clear head honcho of the group! So fascinating, children’s interaction and political hierarchies. We had cupcakes in honour of the birthday girl and then pizza afterwards with the birthday parents. Caught up with Julie & Matt (Julie is the genius behind Tru Clos – an exclusive wine club with small producer French wines hand picked by this talented young wine expert), B’s childhood friend Will and his little girl Natalie, Lukola & of course B fresh from Japan and Paul fresh from Ohio.

Oh and today is Sunday -it’s True Blood night! Love that show.

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