I moved the furniture around in the shop (surprise surprise!). Looks cozier! More room for chairs. It was a good day for visiting – Arianna dropped by with some surprise cupcakes (all gone now, sorry – but ooo they were yummy!). Sarah popped in with baby Ruby (who was a perfect doll – slept like an angel!). Then Diane (with lunch – yummy and thank you!), then Ali, then Yuvee then Ruth! And finally a lovely lady at the end of the day searching for the BSJ. I am officially a destination! Yay!!

There was spinning, and knitting, and chatting and tea. Now off home to feed the little monkey who was being rather naughty today and had to be taken home at 5pm.

Oh and I found out that my anonymous poster was none other than my DH! Hee hee. Yes, I will find a special Socktopus kettle so we can return the other home. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Moving…

  1. The shop looks amazing and I really hope to be popping in more often! I was sad to have to go so soon today. Next time I will settle in for proper cuppa and some actual knitting. 🙂

  2. Alice, do you mean my Sarah and baby Ruby? How funny! She did ask me where you were located but I only sent details today. Clearly I need to check in more often! I am planning my own visit soon – with my mom who’ll definitely want to see it. I want more bittersweet bakers cupcakes though! Can’t you just always have them on hand?

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