Bittersweet Sunday – actually not bittersweet at all, just cakey delicious!

Rainy and drizzly, today was a great day to be at the shop. Arianna & Edward dropped in with mini cupcakes and cinnamon rolls – there are some left overs which I am greedily going to keep for breakfast with coffee (hee yum yum!). The cupcakes were pumpkin spice & tart lemon – the tart lemon ones were totally moreish. The cake was moist and perfect, and the icing… oooh divine. Tart and lemony totally perfectly balanced with sweetness. Ahhhh.

Superspin 1 finished up their part 2 – and the evidence was there on the spinning wheels – lots of singles! Then we had a full house for the Sunday knit -Arianna, Edward, Tricia, Lucy, Mel, Emms, Marianne, Emilie (mommy’s little knitter), Gerri, Diane, and later on C & Carl too!!

Yes dear B- Sarah & Ruby are indeed your Sarah & Ruby! I hope they come back soon – I am itching to get Sarah knitting.

Oh exciting news (for me at least!) we had three visitors today from Sweden! I was able to offer them cake & coffee in Swedish. And they found Socktopus through Ravelry. Honestly Ravelry is the best thing since lattes and Bittersweet Bakers cupcakes.

Tomorrow I venture back to the City for a catch up with my JPMC colleague Melin – looking forward to that for sure. And then Alicja is coming to visit the shop tomorrow night.

2 thoughts on “Bittersweet Sunday – actually not bittersweet at all, just cakey delicious!

  1. Awesome day, I really had fun and am so glad everyone loved the cakes so much. I can’t wait for more Sunday afternoons at Socktopus.

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