Get Googled

Sometimes for a laugh I google myself to see if I come up in the results (the things that amuse me…). Searching just my name used to only confirm that there were loads of people out there with the same name, a large number of whom work in the medical field. I guess lots of parents with the same last name stopped at the A section of the baby name books.

Anyways, as David has been out at the rugby and I’ve been crazily test knitting the next club sock, for a break I searched me + London and discovered that I was first in the ranking, as well as number 5 on page 1. Wild. A search of just my name turns me up at the bottom of page 3 – with a mention from the Inside Loop (btw check out their new issue live now). Makes me realise really how small the world has really become.

What did we do before Google and Wikipedia?

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