Poo. Poop. Have been waiting for ages for Twilight the movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s books to come out. Well, it was released this weekend in the US. UK doesn’t release it for another month! Argh. Well we’re on par with Vietnam, Venezuela, Israel and Brazil, and at least Ecuador is later even that the UK (March 09 release date). Italian Switzerland, Sweden, Mexico, Italy, Russia,

Hungary, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, UAE, even the Phillippines (!!!!!) release it next weekend. Sigh. I may just take myself to Brussels for the day and go watch it there.

Last night David & I went to watch Waltz with Bashir, an animated memoir about the director’s experiences serving in the Israeli army in the Lebanese war of 1982, and in particular about the massacre by Lebanon’s Christian Phalangist militia of Palestinian refugees in the refugee camps of Sabra and Chatila and the Israeli army’s involvement. I knew it was about the director’s experiences, and I knew it would be gritty. The film was…has a stunning echo, resonance, however you want to put it. When the credits started rolling, the silence in the theatre was so heavy. no one fidgeted or coughed. If someone had, it would of echoed like a boom in there. The film draws explicit parallels between the camps of the Holocaust & the culpability of the Nazi soldiers and their commanders on the one hand, and the Sabra/Shatila massacre and the Israeli soldiers, and in particular an accusing finger is pointed directly at Ariel Sharon (minister of defense at the time, aka by his diminutive Arik), on the other. As an aside, the Israeli government’s Kahan Commission investigated the massacres and found Sharon guilty for not having done enough to stop the horror once he became aware of the massacre. He was dismissed of his duties and prohibited from serving as Minister of Defense for another term. Still, he became Prime Minister of Israel twenty years later.

It’s harrowing and thought provoking. Searching, and unflinchingly honest. Which makes it all the more worth seeing.


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