I’ve been knitting – and actually have some piccies to show you.  

May I introduce the start of Matilda.

Matilda in Devon Fine Fibres Cashmere

This is knit with Lesley’s cashmere DK – from Devon Fine Fibres. The cashmere is from their own herd, and spun by a local mill.  It is truly scrumptious.  Soft in the ball, but my goodness it melts like butter as you knit with it. (I have it in the shop but it isn’t online at the moment…best call if you want to snag the few skeins I have left!). This is a Christmas gift… though I’m pretty sure I won’t make the 25th deadline …. 

Next up is my hooligan hoodie –
DIC Tulips with Hoodie mod (my own)

It’s the classic Tulips cardi in Classy. This is my Licorice Allsorts version, for my dear friends who had their little one last week. This will be available as a kit from next week. As you can see I’ve not quite finished it – still an icord edge around the hood and darning in to do… but it will be sent to cozy up the little one shortly.

Lastly I have my second stranded colourwork project. I don’t count the uni-colourwork-disaster-jumper, and the first were my end paper mitts that have stalled because I screwed up the pattern and can’t bear to tink it just yet.
Fiddlehead Mittens
I’m really loving these and am going to line them in cashmere…. the same green as Matilda.

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