Single and Proud

Just back from a class with Diane M – Single Spun. I loved her Morning Surf scarf and wanted to learn how to do lovely singles. Wasn’t disappointed. Diane had these wee cards for measuring angles so I could take my single and check the degree of angle of the twist. I used Whisper in Falkland from Spindlefrog, splitting it in half and predrafting for the single.

I love this twist to draft method – it is so fast, and makes such a pretty yarn. I will take some photos tomorrow of my class singles once my yarn has dried (i’ve set and fulled it). It is soooooooo lurvely. So so so lurvely, and so fast – I finished half of the 4 onces in the second half of class. It’s my new favourite way to spin. Goodbye skinny little plies that take so long I lose interest… hello singles! You were made for me and my short attention span. I think I will knit the Morning Surf scarf if I can ever find my copy of Spin Off, or I may just get out the Barbara Walker Treasury and pull the stitch from there. So many things one could do – noro stripey scarf with handspun – so good bye poopy pukey colours and hellooooo to softness (a nice soft merino) and hellllllooooo Lady E! You are back on the cards!

2 thoughts on “Single and Proud

  1. Just for a minute I thought you meant your marital status, and then I checked myself and thought no it couldn’t possibly be, glad I was right, sounds like a fun day!

  2. You are such a silly sweetie :-DI’m glad you’re loving your single life.. erm, singles. Make sure you get some pictures for us asap!

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