Weekend round up

Hee hee – sorry didn’t mean to alarm anyone with the title of last post! 😉

Update on the Fiddlehead – one outer down:

Had to tink back the second outer when I was 2/3rd done. I was so pleased with myself, having tried it on a number of times… only to realise when showing off on Saturday that I had nowhere to put my thumb. Yup totally forgot the thumb increases and had to tink right back. Ah well. Pride before the fall, eh?

Some piccies from yesterday’s singles class. Started out with this:

And made this:

Low twist single ply yarn.

I love the colours and the way this yarn is all lofty and soft and bouncy and squidgy! And totally fast to spin.

Last night DH & I went to an old friend’s for dinner. R moved here last month from Paris – he had a nice group of friends, all with such interesting backgrounds – V is a food buyer, B & T a french couple, T a jeweller and B his fiancee (with the most beautifully designed engagement ring, and a HUGE diamond on it….), C who worked at Sothebys in Paris, N an aid worker just back from Sri Lanka, and R himself. We all compared notes on how we knew R and i was shocked to realise I’ve know R now for well on 13 years. Lordy me. I met R during a year abroad in Beijing. That year was pivotal in my life – so many decisions I made had long ranging effects… I doubt I would be in London if not for Beijing.

Friday I also had a nice treat – girls night out with B. It’s been ages since I had a proper catch up, and for no good reason that I can think of! I was so giddy at the end of the night I forgot where I parked my car, and when I retrieved it managed to drive it onto the pavement. Oops. Thank goodness B was with me to, er, direct while I drove.

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