Morning Treats

Mornings are chilly now, the sheepskin slippers are out and in use. Fi dropped by with her sock last night, we sorted out some rogue stitches and I think she is now merrily on her way to her toe. Very exciting. I tried to decorate the tree at the shop, but wasn’t really in the mood. I wanted to spin some more singles so I got out my wheel and predrafted my roving and started to spin. Sometimes my mind just can’t hold with knitting – too much effort.

Today I finally get to pick up my patterns from the printers. Yay!

Another reason it is a good day – DH decided to make some bread last night (while I was busy spinning and digging Arnie’s accent as the onside Terminator) and he baked it this morning. Mmmm! He’s really getting the knack of kneading and is very particular about the kind of flour he uses, which I think makes for such a delicious loaf.

3 thoughts on “Morning Treats

  1. Wish I could drop by and let you guide me through my sock mistakes :)Yay to patterns!!! Nothing sweeter than a man making bread.:D

  2. I use Canadian Extra Strong White Flour from Waitrose in my loaves, mind you I do use a bread maker! I might just go and put one on, the smell is mesmerising! I understand about the need to spin now, it is sort of overtaking my need to knit, but I am trying to be good and knit up my homemade yarn. After all, we never make that much do we? so the items knitted are usually a small thing….

  3. YAY FOR ARNIE….I watched T2 too last nigt, but had to turn down the volume as a pre-pubescent John Conor was rattling my fillings with his shrill shrieking and screaming like a 4 year old girl on helium! I do love the Terminator! I’ve had to put spinning on hold for the moment… emergency christmas shawl knitting… I’m on the border and should be done soon… phew!

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