Socktopus Fibre Academy Launches

Fibretecture: fai-bə-ˌtek-chər (n)
the art or practice of preparing and spinning awesome yarns.


Diane and I spent the afternoon putting the final touches on the Socktopus fibre club – and voila, we unveil today the Socktopus Fibre Academy! SoFA for short (hee hee). Join us on the 2009 SoFA, which features 6 seminar parcels to help further your study and enjoyment of fibretecture.

Parcels are sent out in Feb, Apr, Jun, Aug, Oct, Dec. Each parcel features:
-a different fibre in an exclusive Socktopus colourway
-a mini-manual specific to your fibre containing background on the fibre artist, fibre characteristics, and practical application, including our resident fibretect Diane Mulholland’s own experience with the fibre and her tips & techniques for working with it.
-a fun and useful goodie for the budding fibretect.

The 2009 curriculum includes 6 different fibres from 6 different fibre artists. Fibre weight will vary, but in general, standard fibres will be 100 grams and luxury fibres will be 50 grams.

The cost for the year is £75 for the UK, £80 for the EU and £88 for ROW, including postage.

Click here to book your place.

2 thoughts on “Socktopus Fibre Academy Launches

  1. SQEEEEEEE!Will there still be places by the 23rd? It’s my birthday then and I think I might put my birthday money into a ‘fibre fund’ and this seems to be something I’d LOVE to be part of… either as a recipient or a dyer ((wink wink))YAY for fibre!

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