Sunday Round-Up

Caught up with Romain yesterday with a visit to Borough Market, some chorizo sarnies, mulled wine, and monmouth coffee.  We also managed to get our Christmas shopping done. Phew!

Meanwhile, knitting resumes…Remember my purple and green mitts?
I’ve decided to name them my Tree Frogs (so named because the colourway makes me think of bright froggies). And I now have a pair of them. Yay!
Fiddlehead -Tree Frog

But alas they are not yet complete. See only one has innards:
Fiddlehead - Tree Frog

The innards are Lesley’s, no less! The second one needs the ends weaving in, and blocking before I can knit up the lining. But ooh they are cozy. Very very pleased with my firstish colourwork project. I’m getting more of Lesley’s gorgeous cashmere yarn, and will have some mitten kits available in January. 🙂

Remember my morning surf scarf? Well it has grown up a bit:
Morning Surf - Sea Foam

I’ve spun up two more balls of the gorgeous singles. The second batch isn’t quite as the same thickness as the first batch as it took me a little while to get back into the technique, but I’m still happy with how it is knitting up.
Morning Surf -Sea Foam

I’ve also got some secret knitting…. but that will be unveiled in january…

Later today am off to our annual christmas party with old friends. Evil secret santa too. Can’t wait!

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