Sunday is for….

Lazy weekends are my favourite thing in the world… and sleeping in. Though somehow I am good at sleeping in only when I have to wake up early, and am unable to sleep in when I actually am at leisure to do so. This weekend was no different – 7 am start both days. Sigh.

Friday night as I mentioned (or maybe shrieked…) David took me to see Twilight. We had burgers at the Real Burger Company (well, the burger place at Fulham Broadway. Not sure of the name) and had real proper skinny fries. Love them fries. Then off to the movie. I have been on tenterhooks waiting for this movie to come out – it’s been out a month already in the US and various other places. I think it important to admit that I love the books. Crazed might not be too strong a term… In particular Twilight and the not-yet-ever-maybe-to-be published Midnight Sun. And I had a very pre-teen crush (which has thankfully waned slightly in the last month) on the main (might I add underage and fictional) character of the book, so like a teenybopper I was giggling like a schoolgirl in anticipation of this film.

In case you think i’ve totally lost it, let me assure you there was indeed a slightly exasperated, muffled adult voice in my head that lectured me to avoid expecting too much… after all Cedric Diggory was the lead, and having seen the chap in interviews talking about how he portrayed Edward Cullen (the object of my schoolgirl fantasy) I had an inkling that he wouldn’t really be the Edward of my imagination. Apparently he was so serious on set that the script writers took to following him around with highlighted bits of the book to prove to him that Edward was not doom and gloom, that he did in fact have a sense of humour and smiled from time to time. But like any good adolescent I completely ignored the adult voice, and forged ahead! Yay! Edward! Swoon

I enjoyed the movie. How could I not? I enjoyed all the Harry Potter movies, even the ones that are a little clunky and suffer in plot development and from er, “acting”. So as a crazed fan there wasn’t much chance I would not enjoy it. David on the other hand, found lots of it cringeworthy and unbearably sappy. Shrugs shoulders In my heart of hearts I know this is True.

Poor Robert Pattison suffers from overseriousness. And make-up used on the Cullen vamps was silly. The foundation was caked on and obvious, and they all had weird dark lipstick a la Bela Lugosi in Dracula. (why not the nomad vamps? They looked so much better. Maybe it was the human blood diet. Better pallor?) And i think Robert was wearing fake eyelashes or had them curled. Very distracting in an unsettling way. And Jasper and Edward constantly looked like they were suffering from severe wind or constipation – jasper especially. I think it was because they were supposed to be suffering from the desire and torment of the blood around them (all people in jasper’s case, and only bella in Edward’s). But had I not read the books and Midnight Sun I wouldn’t have known this and would have just assumed set food didn’t agree with them. Sigh. I wish they had thought to include more from the Cullen’s perspective – it would have made for a richer experience. Eg Alice’s visions of Bella, why Edward leaves and why he returns, why he suddenly decides to be nice to Bella…. why they look constipated…

But having the books in mind the thing that made the movie so wonderful was the setting. I had an idea of what Forks might look like, but had no idea that it would be so stunning. The movie is mainly filmed in Oregan and Washington and oooooh man is it beautiful. I love the rockies, having grown up there, and for the most part think nothing can beat their beauty and majesty… but the PNW is starting to change my mind….

So the verdict? For devoted fans you’ll get a kick out of it, and for the uninitiated… well, the scenery at least will wow you.

3 thoughts on “Sunday is for….

  1. Hoping to get to see Twilight first week of the new year, thanks for the review. We went to see Inkheart today – it’s really good, and I luurve Paul Bettany (much more crushworthy than all these adolescents!) Going back a few entries, your meal sounds delicious; the mittens are gorgeous; and mitten kits? Music to my ears! BTW, I haven’t had an invite for the new club blog yet, but no rush – it’ll wait until the new year.

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