Christmas Eve

Tonight we are spending the evening with Lukola and the SP clan (including my deeeelightful goddaughter Sophia)m.

Woke late today. Poor Deuce woke us up at 4am being sick. I think the goose heart david fed him ws prob waaay too rich. There is such thing as too much of a good thing.

David continues his DIY industriousness and has retouched the walls of the spare room after having painted the walls yesterday. The colour is a sort of hot chocolate ovaltine colour, very cozy.

we've done a few last minute errands- picked up the rib of beef for xmas day from deuce's sometime walker- he owns a posh butcher on fulham road. Goose came yesterday. All set on the food front. We could survive a siege for quite some time.

We meant to go for vietnamese but alas they are not open so are enjoying a portuguese perimas at Nandos, complete with yummy sangria.

Happy Christma Eve!

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