I wanna be a …..

Mall Rat!!

Popped into Westfield Mall today with MIL FIL and DH. DP at home snoozing away. This place is deelovely, deeliteful in so many ways. Crowded, but in a nice shiny place so it isn't as dire as braving oxford street- and the Village bit is AWESOME. Love the mall- like the posh ones in Vegas. Just needs a Sugar and Bittersweet Bakers (the buttercup place is passable… But the cake was stodgy and dry and the icing too sweet!

Love the natural light and the crazy choice. And the fuel stops- like the shake it up place- choose a candy bar and they mix it up in a milk shake. for you. London's first proper mall. So who wants to be a mall rat with me? Those armchairs and watering holes are just screaming out for some knitters…..

4 thoughts on “I wanna be a …..

  1. I’ll be a mallrat with you! That place is dangerously close to my flat and my office.In fact, there is a lovely vegetarian cafe called Tibits that is always quiet. They sell booze, coffee and yummy food! (Remember that food that Ross had when he came to meet me at your shop?) That would be a good place to sit n knit….

  2. Funny, cuz I’m not in love with malls, but maybe I just never get to them. When there, I enjoy them! But we’ll just keep that our little dirty secret!-lol! Happy New Year, Alice!

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