Secret London

In sloane square tube, have you ever noticed a large metal bridge like structure over the trains? This is the Bourne river. Comes from notting hill, hence westbourne grove etc, goes through the sunken gardens in ken gardens and was dammed to form the serpentine.

It meanders through Knightsbridge, itself named after a bridge over the bourne, then it flows underground through Chelsea under bourne street along to sloane square and over our heads and the trains at the station and finally joins the Thames near Chelsea Bridge.

Lovely dinner with B tonight. We spent some time on the iPhone trying to find R’s blog north London kitchen. No luck-will wait for b to check her email. Also treat of all treats- got a ride in E’s 1968 DBS an absolute beauty of a car. Sadly shun-kin the play we were meant to see was cancelled due to one of the actors breing on hospital. We will catch it another day. Looking forward to it too – my all time favourite and most deeply emotionally memorable play is The Street of Crocodiles from the same group Complicit√© so am excited to see what they have created.

Trisha- will have photos this weekend of the cast on. Am still astounded.

A dog’s life

It can be tough when you’re small. Good thing the local park caters to our four legged friends. Deuce had a late night and I guess today the trip to the park tuckered him out-so much so that he fell asleep on Justine’s bag at the shop!

Romy came in with her FIRST EVER finished pair of socks (wooot!). Very impressed. Fiona grafted her first toe (awesome or what!) and Justine showed me a most awesome way to start toe up socks. I can’t believe no one’s noticed it before. More on that later. Now time to sign off and get some shuteye.

A new era…

Not quite a new era, but it certainly feels like one. Upgraded my phone yesterday to a shiny new iphone. Most bodaciously lovely. I feel like a magpie with a sparkly jewel.

This is my first post from the iPhone blog app from the iTunes store (genius to sell all those random apps). Typing is weird-not a full qwerty keyboard so I have to toggle between letters and symbols. Annoying when wanting to type a full stop. Have a manual arriving today so hopefully the light of iPhone enlightenment will dawn.

There is also a camera that seems to take better photos than my blackberry. Will try to post a photo if I can figure it out.