Happy New Year!

Chinese superstition has that at the start of the new year, one should do a holistic clean up (house, finance, personal etc etc) so that the new year is started on a clean slate. I thought I’d clean out my purse in honour of that tradition (and because I could never find anything that disappeared into its depths).

When they say a woman’s purse holds everything but the kitchen sink, I don’t think they were that far off. This is what I found in mine(excluding keys, crackberry and wallet):
Christmas 08 and Stash143.

Contents as at 31 Dec 09:

  • -4 Oyster Cards
  • -1 entry card for flat
  • -1 brown sock
  • -1 white sock
  • -3 christmas cards for friends which I couldn’t find when it was time to give them out
  • -1 cupcake invoice
  • -1 1$ casino chip from Las Vegas
  • -2 ticket stubs for New York -Rhinebeck train
  • -1 sheet of foam pads
  • -1 Koigu KPPPM yarn label
  • -stack of Socktopus cards
  • -1 Lots Road pub loyalty card
  • -1 2 for 1 coupon for Vinopolis
  • -7 receipts
  • -1 broken half of a pair of earrings
  • -2 coiless safety pins
  • -1 metal bit from a sun hat
  • -1 package from a Raffaello white chocolate
  • -1 pack of Ravelry badges
  • -1 emergency car key
  • -1 flyer for Bose
  • -1 flyer for Shell Driver’s Club
  • -1 Oka sale catalogue
  • -1 flyer for christmas sale in the studio conference room
  • -1 currency exchange receipt
  • -1 pattern for onion dome toque
  • -1 members card for Streetvan
  • -3 lip glosses
  • -1 tube hand cream
  • -1 tub cuticle cream
  • -1 tub hand balm
  • -1 measuring tape
  • -2 pens

Why i have 4 oyster cards or 2 mismatched socks is beyond me. Well, now I have a nice clean purse, which hopefully I will be able to keep that way for some time. What do you have lurking in the depths of your bags?

Most new year’s I don’t bother with resolutions because so often they can be unrealistic and then it is rather depressing not to be able to keep them. But this year there are a couple key areas I want to improve and think with a little effort I can do this. I have, in the last few years, become incredibly bad at keeping on top of my social diary. I managed to even muddle the date of my hen night and asked a friend to a movie that night (thankfully she was also going to my hen night and reminded me of the date!). Trying to pinpoint the start of this muddleheadedness, I think it was when I stopped keeping an appointment diary. So this year, for Christmas DH got me my favourite appointment diary – a gorgeous hot pink leather one. And my resolution is to use it religiously and avoid double booking. Realistic and achievable… I’m feeling good already! 🙂 So let’s hear them – what are your new year resolutions?

6 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Ha! 4 Oyster cards? That’s hilarious! I don’t have any resolutions…except maybe to tidy up finances again. Taking a look at that department can never hurt.

  2. What’s an Oyster card?I keep extra socks in my bag when we go to the movies in the summer, but I have too much other stuff to leave them in.

  3. Happy New Year and well done you. I’m Celtic and my New Year started in September, when I start my new diary (mid year). My resolution was to start to clear the clutter. I have done one whole room, my son’s bedroom, a complete makeover and 4 clutter “hot spots”, areas in my other room which are dumping grounds. Still another 6 of those to go but well on track after only 4 months.It is amazing how much tidier my house is with the elimination of the clutter hot spots. I recommend it.Jacqueline xx

  4. The list of your purse contents was very revealing, a nice New Year’s thing to do. I smiled at the copious lip balm. The only person I know who has more is Sophia. She is obsessed with it – she had 5 squirreled away in her purse at last check.

  5. Hey Alice. Thanks for the parcel. I have lots of bags (bag stash is nearly as large as yarn stash…..) so I swap quite often, but I did find a single spicy plantain chip in the bottom of the one I got out ‘fresh’ for work on Monday morning!PS – FredTed here = jmkdaykin on Ravelry

    • haha that is good. You should have seen the nasty tissues I had in my bag. Actually, better that you didn’t. It was blegh.

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