Ahhh Friday! My weekend starts early, sort of. Fridays and Saturdays I have off, though as I am still catching up with Christmas parcels I will be at the shop today for a few hours to do that, and to sort out some things for next week. Tomorrow morning DH and I are off to visit little Annabelle, our friends E & A’s new addition.  A is the calmest person I know, and E the most manic, so it will be interesting to see which side little Annabelle takes after.   The icord edging on her Tulip cardi is going to get knit up tonight, so that will be another WIP off the needles (smite smite smite demon UFOs!).

Another smote (? is that the right verb tense?) UFO – I give you Habitat, FO as of yesterday. A little longer than the pattern called for to accomodate a pony tail and my big noggin.

I can see you Frank furrowing your brow. What on earth is she going on about?  Yes yes, not only am I the mad woman who speaks to her dog like he really understands and could talk back but simply chooses not to, I also speak gibberish about knitting. Well no more – here is a knitter’s glossary for you!

  • UFO- UnFinished Object.  A project that languishes for years and gives you a guilt complex whenever you think/see it.  Out of sight out of mind!
  • FO- glory days, a Finished Object.  Smite thee UFO!
  • OTN-on the needles. AKA as WIP
  • WIP – Work in Progress. I have lots of those.
  • LYS- Local Yarn Shop. I have one of those too! 😉
  • To Tink – knitting backwards, er rather, unknitting. When you frog back a project
  • To Frog – ribbit ribbit, or in the case of knitting, “rip it rip it” (interspersed with expletives). When one makes a donkey’s arse of one’s knitting, and has to rip back to start over. I smite this too.
  • EZ = Elizabeth Zimmermann – queen of the knitters and inspiration extraordinaire.
  • KAL – a knit along. Lots of knitters knitting the same project at the (relatively) same time
  • Muggle – yup, same as the potteresque meaning – someone who does not coo over soft lurvely yarn in purdy colours. A (gasp! horror!) non-knitter.
  • Stash – all that yarn a knitter hoards like a squirrel collecting acorns for an impending ice age
  • SABLE – stash acquisition beyond life expectancy (more stash than you could knit in your life. EVEN IF YOU KNIT ALL DAY EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE.  seriously.)
  • SEX – stash enrichment expedition.  Basically a trip to buy more yarn.  I don’t use this term, but it’s funny so I’ve included it here.
  • Second Sock Syndrome (SSS).  Knitting one sock and then failing to knit the other. never thought I had this issue, but, er, having catalogued my WIPs clearly I am very deluded.  Do you think therapy will help?

I should also include my way of categorising the complexity of a project, Alice’s Wiptaxonomy:

  • GLOW: glass of wine, that is, the project is simple enough for me to knit it without any great risk to mind or body (or knitting project) whilst drinking a glass or two
  • NOBO – no booze category – can chat but mustn’t drink without high risk of frogging
  • SOCO – solitary confinement.  One of those cannot speak to others or be spoken to while knitting projects

I think that’s it – there is of course DH for dear husband, FIL and MIL for fatherinlaw and motherinlaw, CC for cost centres (currently we’ve only got puggy for that), er, and other family shorthand though I’m not totally au fait with that just yet.  As for txting slang, I’m out of the loop on that one!  Any other shorthand I’ve missed that deserves a mention?

And yes eagle eye Sam – that is Sookie under my sock. 🙂 Finished the whole series within a couple weeks of coming back from Rhinebeck.  Just waiting for Dead & Gone to come out now. I think I have to wait until summer. Poop.

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