The first of this year’s sock club parcels went out with today’s post. 100 parcels exactly (3 are being held back to be picked up later this week). 5 huge post bags.  Obi had to make 3 trips to get them all! *dance dance dance*

I overestimated how quickly my two hands could wind and tuck and wrap – and underestimated how many hours it would take – and so what I thought would take me a couple days took me rather longer.   All of Friday, most of Saturday and Sunday (minus the 5 hours in the shop), and today.  Sigh I was feeling mighty sorry for myself at 2am this morning.  So much so that i had to get out my STR Tidepooling and wind it up so that i could cast on some pity party socks.  I bent my ‘rules’ (guidelines, really) but it was worth it.  Once everything was tucked into their own silver packet and sent off with Obi my postie, I was one very happy monkey knitting away on my Anemones. The colourway really speaks to me – I love the way the purple runs to blue, then to green, and that where the colours meet magic happens – cool lilac, warm grey, wasabi green, purple to burgundy… it is just beautiful.  I just want to stare and stare….

The weekend was not all work however – Saturday evening was a treat – Lukola had us over for dinner.  Lovely roast chicken with garlic and rosted lemons.  Sophia did some fabulous break dance/street moves.  She has a supersonic chocolate sensor – busy watching Monster Inc one second and then as quick as you can say brownie, she was in the kitchen waiting for her share.  We left as a huge deluge was unleashed from the skies – the fastest wiper setting was still not fast enough.   We are reinstating our regular dinner dates so next turn is ours at the end of Feb. Maybe I can convince Luke to bring his Super Boggle!

3 thoughts on “lalalalala!

  1. Yeah!!! Can’t wait for my first package. I have been frantically knitting all weekend as we have been snowed in here in New England getting about 18 inches of snow. I wanted to complete two pairs of socks I had started before the first package arrives so I can have a clean slate. I did finish one pair yesterday, ta da!, and have the second sock of the second pair 1/4 way complete. But it is back to work tomorrow after having today off for Martin Luther King day. I really wish I could have tomorrow off too so I could watch on TV the celebration in Washington DC. My daughter is in DC now among the crowds. I hope she will have a chance to see Obama being sworn in. We are all thrilled.
    Well, back to knitting.

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