Hysterical. As in screaming insane, not haha. Maybe haha tomorrow.

Gimme a drink please.  Today’s been one of those days.

First the website went down because my hosting people deleted a file. Don’t ask me why or how, all I know is that it was down for about 14 hours, and that numerous emails and online pleas for help resulted in a link to the oscommerce forum site with instructions to upgrade and do stuff to the FTP thingie and to change numbers on the config thingie with php stuff.  Er, right. I think my email in respose went something like “what is that? where is that file? How do I get to it? And when I do what do I do to it? AND HOW COME IT WAS WORKING FINE LAST NIGHT???? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE HELP!!!”.  Thankfully some compassionate soul took pity and did some binary magic and my website works again. 

I got to work, only to find that the internet was down throughout the building, which means no Ravelry and no access to my Royal Mail account which meant that I couldn’t post any of the orders that came in today.   Great.

At least I had 2 bags of post ready to go since the replacement postie didn’t know to pick them up yesterday. So i left them out for him – only to be told that he wouldn’t take my bags because I wasn’t on his collection list! After a little hysterical arguing, and him telling me he’d take them but that if his boss said he didn’t have to he wouldn’t take them tomorrow, he took them, but didn’t sign my proof of posting.  Argh. If he burns my parcels I’ll kick his butt and get Deuce to, er, lick him?  maybe I’ll just kick his butt.  I called Royal Mail afterwards – my hands were shaking I was so frustrated and well, hysterical and the first person tells me no, postie doesn’t have to take my post,. After a little more arguing, me trying to explain that I work in a building, and the building has a collection point for ALL THE TENANTS and her telling me that the collection is a service not a utility (wtf??) she finally goes and talks to a collections team leader who says yes, postie does have to take my post. You would think I’m trying to get them to take a rust bucket junkheap car.  I am enlightened by helpful customer service person as to correct procedure to get postie to take my post.  I have to call and make a complaint, and the complaints team will pass on the message to the area leader who will tell replacement postie to take my post.  Efficient, eh?

What gets me is that they are clearly too big  – so big that their own people don’t know what’s what.  I have had to tell all the postmasters who have taken my post how the service I subscribe to works – and I don’t work for Royal Mail!  Bleh.

On a plus side, Romy came into the shop to finish up her first sock. It’s pretty amazing – she started her first ever sock about a week ago, and tonight we grafted up the toe of her first sock.  Very very cool.  And I finished up my first Anemone sock too.  Yaay!

One thought on “Hysterical. As in screaming insane, not haha. Maybe haha tomorrow.

  1. I was amused to hear from one of my students that this past Monday was officially the most depressing day of the year (hence, why she couldn’t hand an assignment in on time). Sounds like yours just came a bit later.

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