Electric Tapas

The weekend has been a real treat. Friday night was dinner out with B & M, where we drank a fair bit of rioja, had a lot of tapas, and had a gentle stroll down memory lane (though some bits of it were a little weird and scary, remembering things that, er, the mind would prefer lay dormant!). B promised to move to Chiswick since she missed us so much (M & I wanted her to put it in writing, but we didn’t have paper and pen to hand).

We reminisced, reliving a great trip we did to Portugal before M moved to London. I went just before my law finals, studying on the beach (fantastic. way better than sitting in a boring old library!). We played scrabble on our hotel balcony, drank beer, and for me, gin & tonic sans the tonic. Apparently my bikini was pretty much see through once it got wet, but my two dearest friends decided not to share this minor detail with me. Sandra who came with M from Canada, thought I had gone very ‘European’ since moving to London. Hah! Ah well, no point being embarrassed now.

M disappeared into a cab as soon as we got out of the restaurant (wine fuelled homing beacon), B and I stood chatting on the corner, trying to catch the lights but somehow we missed the green man 3 times in a row.

Saturday I was off my stride a bit – DH went cycling in the morning and I was miffed since it’s the only time I get to see him (shop was open both sat and sun this weekend). With the shop open and DH working the hours he does, I rarely get to spend any time with him when we are both awake and alert.

Saturday night we went to see Frost/Nixon, the film version of Peter Morgan’s play on David Frost’s seminal interviews which led to President Nixon saying that “when the President does it, that means that it is not illegal” and apologising for letting down the American people. DH and I saw the play at the Donmar in 2006 with Irmgard and B, with Michael Sheen and Frank Langella in the title roles, which they reprised in the film directed by Ron Howard. They were, and still are, astonishing in their roles. Riveting, and having glimpsed the original interviews, I’m astounded at how well they have adopted the mannerisms of the people they are portraying. At the theatre we also bumped into J&A, which was a nice surprise. I have lived here 10 plus years and have only ‘bumped’ into my friends twice – last night and once on Marylebone High Street I bumped into Moneim and his girlfriend – who live in Berlin! Crazy.

Today we had a little stroll in Ken Gardens with Deuce, then at the shop we had our Superspin2 class, and it was really lovely to see Bekky Ruth & Kerri. Ali & Chantelle hung out with me in the shop and we chatted and knit. Romy came in with her almost finished second sock (yay Romy!).

And the perfect ending to a lovely day – DH has just brought me some dessert – sticky toffee pudding! Love you but must dash. Sticky toffee yumminess awaits!

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