A White… February

I haven’t seen snow like this since.. well, in London, I haven’t seen snow like this at all in the last decade. And it looks like we’ll have it for a week if the temperatures stay the same. Currently minus three, but thankfully a dry -3. It was still snowing a bit when I went out – and more snow is predicted for Thursday. It’s beautiful and makes me feel like I might be somewhere in the Alps…or even Canada.

How much snow fell? Well, this was last night. This is what I normally expect for London. A sprinkling, that melts quite quickly.

But I awoke to a white wonderland, literally, this morning:

I love how snow floofs as it lands. Like sifted icing sugar.  So airy.  Great insulation.

Took Deuce out for a walk today – his first time in proper snow. I watched him trying to figure it out – must be weird, cold but not quite wet.  He hates the wet and it’s a struggle to get him to go for a walk in the rain – but with the snow…

At first he seemed a bit unsure..

Tentative steps

He spent some time sniffing the stuff.

Ah off he goes. Little trouper.

At points he was up to his neck – he is rather small.

A snowy path by the river – Deuce frolicking around in the white stuff.

Doesn’t this look like it should be in Canada?

The path by the Thames

Pictures around the harbour.


I think it is time to put the kettle on and make a cup of hot tea, so I can enjoy the gorgeousness of the snow while warm and toasty inside! I wish I had finished my Anemoi mitts! half of the second mitt left to go. Maybe I can finish for the weekend!

5 thoughts on “A White… February

  1. Hi Alice thanks for the lovely photos, thought Deuce was adorable. Im near Epping Forest and my world looks so beautiful today. Blocking and finishing a cashmere shrug for me today.

  2. Wow — I’ve never seen snow like that in London — gorgeous. And I love the photos of Deuce. Looking forward to seeing you soon. Gizmo G

  3. Ahhh what an adorable little puglet! Glad he enjoyed the snow. Lottie (Border Terrier) had her 1st snow day as well she went loopy – she ate it, she dug it, she romped in it, she played chase in it, she rolled in it – would she do her business in it – No!

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