Had a remarkably busy weekend.  Friday night my friend Clare had her send off to Tokyo – she is relocating to Shibuya for a couple years.  We sent her off in style, with the Dutch contingent of our group dropping in from Holland for the party (along with their youngest of 3 Alana).  There was much wine, food and a massive karoake machine.

Serious stuff!

Little Sophia – her first star turn!

At first Paul & Sophia were the only ones on the mike, but soon enough we all joined in (even horribly, embarassingly, tone deaf me!). The speakers were massive, and I agree with B that passerbys were probably rather frightened.  We discovered that Luke has an amazing voice – he used to be in a band.  Great vocals Lukeluke!  I was disappointed M didn’t sing her version of My heart will go on (My fart will go on) which was she serenaded us with long ago in Portugal.  At the end little Sophia didn’t want to go – she kept saying ‘I don’t want to go on the Piccadilly Line!”.

The pathway of eats at Westfield

Saturday our Dutchies headed back for Holland and their two other little ones.  I headed to Westfield to meet up with Laura, Sharon, Hailey, Arianna, Tricia, Yuvee, Diane, and even a guest appearance by the one and only Mr Rossy.  It was a fab way to spend an afternoon, and Tidbits was a cute little place with very tasty food.   

David came to meet me to stroll through the aisles of the new Waitrose, and I was lucky enough to have some time to kill and Arianna & I wandered around and chanced upon a champagne bar….  really, all in all I can’t think of a better way to end a knit session! Sunday morning a trip to the park with the monkey, then part 2 of Superspin2 class was held. Romy popped by with her Spring Forwards (her 2nd pair of socks!!). Romain popped by afterwards for a quick tea and a catchup.  Then I went home to have dinner with Ed (my wine loving, new papa, gourmand and cook extraordinaire friend) and hubby.  I was arm wrestled (well, okay, just outvoted) to a movie after dinner.  A one eyed Tom Cruise movie.  Sigh.  With such a great cast it could have been sooo incredible…. but was pretty disappointing.  An incredible slice of history and it was just .. too dolled up. Monday Clare was over for dinner – 😦 will miss her but good thing she’s blogging. I can keep up with her japanese adventures!  I am inspired to take up Japanese again – afterall I must go visit and what better reason than to brush up my nihongo?  I need a tutor tho’ – anyone want to help me with my Japanese in exchange for knitting lessons? Or Mandarin?

2 thoughts on “Eventful

  1. Oh no! Was that last weekend? Laura told me about it (my computer has turned into a brick!) but for some reason I have it in my diary as THIS Saturday!!

    ARGH! WHY IS MY LIFE AN EPIC FAIL?! I really wanted to see everyone…I’d totally psyched myself up.

    Andy will be pleased…he’s cross that I was going out instead of taking care of him and his bad back.


    I have a few (good!) things to chat to you about…I hope to make touch soon…I’m so terrible at these things. And I haven’t forgotten about your sushi socks. I know I said January but I think I’ll finish tonight so you should have them in a few days.

    Sorry for the crapness of my crap!


  2. Oops…I put the wrong e-mail address on my comment…you don’t have to approve this comment for post…but if you want to respond to my last comment respond at the e-mail address I’m using for this comment.

    Do I make sense?


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