Weekend round up

Hope y’all had a great Valentine’s.  We had a pretty full-on weekend.  Friday night David and I went to Hawksmoor – David’s current steak obsession and his fave steak place in London. It’s a small place, with the feel of a speakeasy, channelling 1920s America, around the corner from Shoreditch House.  Fantastic prohibition era cocktails, and if our meal was anything to go by – fabulous steak.  We had bone in prime rib – med rare, and it was just awesome. We had an Argentinian Malbec that was okay – a little flat but I was so focussed on the steak it hardly registered.   I’m planning our return visit since David now refuses to go to Gaucho Grill – he calls it ‘the McDonald’s of steak houses’.

Saturday Dee came by the shop as I was in a reorg frenzy – it’s all moved around (again) but I quite like it now so hopefully it will be like that for a little while to come. 🙂  Lucy dropped in as did Michaela and Grit. It was really nice to see everyone and get a chance to catch up, which with being tied to the shop I don’t get so much!  Grit & Michaela brought their Endpaper mitts – done in STR Jabberwocky & Muckity Muck, respectively, with a soft grey as the background colour.  Knitting Muse prodded me with a red hot poker and demanded I cast on! Who am I to resist? So I picked HazelKnits Weekend Warrior and teamed it with pink.  One down, one to go.  Fast as you like, and very purdy. Pictures to come.

Saturday evening we went out to watch Benjamin Button with A & E- long movie, very sweet but with some rather ridiculous long shots of Brad Pitt looking poster boy gorgeous. Channelling James Dean on a motorcycle, and as a youthful 17 year old.   I’m reading the original short story by F Scott Fitzgerald which I’m enjoying – it is more fantastical than the movie – Benjamin springing forth from birth as a full sized talking and grumbling 70 year old who demands clothes and a walking stick. I wish they’d done that in the movie.

Sunday was Godmother’s Day and a promised puppet show with Sophia – so Melissa & I arrived at the theatre (late) (and sweaty from running a lap around the church before getting to the theatre)(best not ask) just as the story got started.  Sophia turned around and saw us so came to sit with us.  I have to admit I had no idea what the puppet show was about – as far as I could tell, an old chap lived on a garbage heap and was not right in the head – doing battle with a pipe and pretending to be an astronaut mumbling all the while.  He makes a tin bird, then a tin cat. He has a psychedelic dream about flowers and a cat whose roar turns into a terrible storm.  Some tin monkeys dance, then a toucan arrives and gives the chap a flower, then a big beanstalk grows. The End.

The book gave more details – the man lived in a garbage forest (I was close).  He tried to clean up everyday but the garbage just kept growing (okay, not too close, but it would be logical that he would lose his mind a little from the neverending battle).  Not sure about the tin animals, and the whole thing with the plants I think was a dream telling him to plant things so taht the garbage forest turned into a living forest.  I love puppets though and watching the puppeteers work their magic was awesome.  And Sophia was riveted the whole show, though she did turn at one point and ask me where Deucie was.

We followed up the show with a visit to Ottolenghi.  Sophia read to us the whole time and didn’t seem to mind that we weren’t the most attentive audience.  We made our goodbyes (at least until this Saturday night which is a Fondue-Super Boggle night with the usual suspects) and I headed over to David’s office to wait for him to be done work.   Home, an episode of 24 (during which I berated Jack and his superiors for allowing him to remain in a position of authority despite not having slept in lord knows how many hours, and for going along with addle-brained Jack’s even more assinine plan in which an unknown untrained civilian is told to plant a bug on an assassin and terrorist, which of course turns out badly)(I shouldn’t watch 24 anymore it makes me crazy with the stupid choices and the bizarre courses of action they follow), then bed by 10!

Monday I met with Jane from Quarterhouse Alpacas. She brought some of her alpaca DK yarn which is now in the shop.  I’m planning a wee visit to her farm in August, to see all the baby alpaca.

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