As things go…

This week: a false alarm, return of Stuart, printing, Cambridge, fixing a hat, spinning and eating cupcake!

Twitter can be dangerous in fuelling rumours. A 140 word count limit necessitates  brevity often at the cost of detail…. so it was that I managed to start tongues wagging with a comment about going to Kent after the ‘babies are born in June’.  Oops.  The babies I was referring to were alpaca, not human, from the Quarterhouse Alpaca farm in Kent.  At least I know that were I to have a wee bun in the oven, that the bairn would not want for cozy handknits! 😉

With the coming spring, the longer days, and the warmer weather I’m finding more motivation and get up and go – ha maybe DH will manage to get me running with him. He wants us to run the windsor half marathon later this year… hmmm I tried that once and failed miserably.  Maybe I can translate some of that get up and go into get up and run?

Wednesday nights are my ‘beginners’ night and Fiona and Stuart have been regulars since the shop opened. OverC hristmas Stuart ended up getting snowed under with work and his knitting stopped as a result – but Wed night he was back, cashmere in hand (he moved from Classy straight to cashmere! a man with taste) knitting on a hat for his girlfriend.  Thursday was a great night with the usual suspects.

The Fibretect’s Digest, created for the Socktopus Fibre Academy, came back from the printer’s in time for me to package up the first three parcels for pick up on Thursday night.   The rest I parcelled up and posted early Friday morning before heading to Cambridge to meet up with Yoshimi.

I am very pleased with the first SoFA parcel. Love the colours chosen by our spotlight dyer. And you know that feeling you get when you create something you just love – you giggle alot and get all smiley? Well, I am not ashamed to admit that my little Fibretect’s Digest was the cause of much smiling and giggling. AND the paper is 100% recycled!! I totally love the paper. I learned a lot about the fibre in researching the sheep, discovered that the country from which the fibre originated has ‘counties’ though they are purely administrative and that very few people are aware that they exist (including Diane who had a mini conniption about them, then was shocked to find that they really weren’t a figment of my imagination).  Diane’s piece on how she spun up the fibre was great and I look forward to seeing what she knits up with her yarn.  I have some fun ideas for extras which, technology willing, will come out with the April parcel.  I also have a very exciting guest Fibretect lined up for the June issue of the Digest which will be good fun. 😉  10 points for anyone who can guess!

Yoshimi in her gorgeous cowl, with the most perfectly rolled ciggie you can imagine (rolling your own always amazes me – how perfectly round those with practice can get their fags.)

David ended up coming to Cambridge with me to visit with Yoshimi as he had Friday off. He’d worked crazy hours this week (at work til 3 Wed am, back to work by 8am same day, then an all nighter at work and not back home until 7pm Thursday).  I misjudged the weather and was woefully underdressed in Cambridge. Plus we had Deuce. I keep forgetting that most places outside of certain bits in London are not hugely dog friendly. We ended up sitting in the terrace bit of a bar, and having lots of hot chocolate to keep warm!

Deuce had a bit of a nap on the way to Cambridge cozying up to David.

We wandered around town and David relived his student days. I liked the street names – especially this one, though I couldn’t see any tennis courts nearby.

3 thoughts on “As things go…

  1. I am so going to kill you for posting that picture! Why is it you are the only person who ever manages to get pictures of me, most people know by now that that is a dangerous hobby 😉

    Had a lovely day on Friday, can’t wait to do it again soon xx

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