Deuce loves…

Deuce has been a lucky little pug lately – he’s taken to spending the better part of the day hanging out at the reception of the building with the ladies who run the building.  He has canine company as well – Brinkley and Millie, and now new to the pack is Wilma, a little sausage dog.  Lucky boy – when he is with me at the shop he spends his time pining at the back door – crying to be let out to play with his furry mates.

My goldfish memory be damned, I forgot to mention some of the highlights of the weekend!  Saturday morning I hosted a spinning morning at Socktopus – I think they will coincide with the mornings that Socktopus is open on Saturdays from now on; this way i can actually spend 2 days every month with Hubby!  Poor guy is starting to feel neglected.  I spun up finally the gorgeous BFL superwash Jen gave me at iknit day – my first 3 ply yarn! I got 16 wpi, and 60 grams (I still have more to spin).  Am quite pleased with it, though it is slow going for my impatient self.

Saturday evening DH & I had a Boggle & Fondue night at ours.  We went to the Cave au Fromage at south ken and got some vacherin fribourgeois, aged comte and emmenthal.  Oooh it was good. I love fondue. And boggle was fab! I love boggle. So much fun. Romy brought Jenga and we played that too. Chook came too – it was so nice to see her again – it really has been too long.  She was a hoot at Boggle and she and I polished off a bottle of nummy norman cider.  Yum! This is set to become a monthly tradition! Long may it live.

Sunday was Bittersweet Sunday at Socktopus –Arianna brought her amazing cupcakes and cinnamon rolls and peanut butter cookies and chocolate cookies and Diane had a Spin Short class (they spun baby camel and cashmere! divine!) so we had a full house!  Romy dropped by, Mulene, Jaq and Mel came too, Hailey, Ali, Sarah, Arianna and her friend Becky, Ling & Kate, Chantelle, a very sweet but slighlty puzzled lady early on, ooh I hope I haven’t forgotten anyone! edited to add: And lovely amazing Tricia, Emma, Alex W, and Virginia (didn’t get a chance to say hello – but hi!) Was a great day all around, and we finished it up by witnessing a fracas – a genuine fisticuffs at the local pub!  Only, it was a septuagenarian fracas.  What is the world coming to – 70 year old egg delivery guy marijuana pusher and pub brawling seniors.  Aiya.

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