Hej Hej

The other day Biggan from Biggan Designs popped by the shop. She lives not far from me, a perfect opportunity to meet up for a chat and some tea.  Biggan is originally from Malmo, the southern tip of Sweden, and was a knitwear designer in her pre-family days in Sweden.  When she got married, she moved to Australia with her family and only in the last 5 years resurrected her previous career as a knitwear designer.  She was all smiles when she arrived – kind of a like a ray of sunshine – and sweet as pie.  She was also swathed in a gorgeous jumper (that is Biggan on the left in the jumper she wore to the shop!) of her own design in her own wool 5 years old but looking like it was brand spanking new! I had a mad desire to turn up the radiators in the shop so I could take her sweater for my own but thankfully it was but a millisecond spark of insanity. Instead I got enough yarn from her for the shop that I can make it myself – which once I finish the hemlock throw, my owls jumper that i plan to STEEK with lots of photos (oops those aren’t on my WIPS list…) I will knit up her jumper.

As you know I get insanely enthusiastic for all things swedish, so it was such a treat to meet such a lovely lady and get a chance to speak a wee bit of Swedish (though sadly my svenska is extremely ratty now).

I was delighted to find someone who could share my excitement and appreciation for the ABBA boys’ musical talent – not their famous ABBA songs but rather Benny & Bjorn’s incredible musical Kristina fran Duvemala, a gorgeously rich musical based on Vilhelm Moberg’s novels the Emigrants.  This musical, one I saw at the time that I could barely understand (this was before my year in Stockholm and I spent many an hour translating the text with the help of my trusty Swedish/English dictionary), is my all time favourite.   I was so excited by it I got all the books and read them, then flew to Stockholm to watch it.

So far nothing I have seen matches it for sheer musical beauty.  I loved the music – it wasn’t trite, nor melodramatic which I find some musicals can be.  Catchy without being overtly commercial (ALW anyone?).  Anyways I sent her home with the cds and I hope she enjoys it as much as I do!

Time to get to the shop and upload photos!

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