I know I should stop being shocked when I see I haven’t updated in a week, but I can’t help it, the sharp intake of breath and mild incredulity always happens. Where does the time go?

Let’s see – I really have to blog daily if i’m to remember what I’ve been doing – Oh I was ill for most of the week – fever Tues/Wed but 24 hours in bed did wonders. I haven’t had a 39 degree temperature in years. It wasn’t pleasant and boy was I glad when it broke.

A laughs at my goldfish memory. The other day she gave me a skein of purple STR to give to L for a swap (for Wollmeise). So I popped it in my bag and we continued to chat. Except every time that afternoon I looked into my bag I would be momentarily amazed by this new purple yarn in my bag and slightly confused as to why I had new yarn – couldn’t remember buying it…. only to realise it was not, alas, intended for me! Seriously, I think I have fried my brain cells quite badly on yarn fumes.

This past weekend I do remember that it was our first wedding anniversary! Friday DH took the day off and we went for lunch at Aubergine to celebrate our first year as a married couple. Had a bit too much to drink…. but then treated this by meeting up with the Knitters for bubble tea! Loved Cafe de Hong Kong – so … so like Hong Kong diners! With the bright coloured photos of food on the table to the bubble tea! The drinks were delicious – the bubbles needed more Q though.

Saturday we headed over to see the Babylon exhibition at the British Museum. We very nearly missed it, and got up at the crack of dawn to catch it before it ended this week. It was really informative and interesting, but I really can’t stand the way they set up their exhibitions. Very private school science project with the weird polyfoam walls. Also detracted from the sheer beauty of the tiles they brough over from Berlin. Encased in removable temporary walls! still I loved how they put the ‘journey’ together – art influenced by Babylon legends from all eras were pulled in to tie in with the source of the legends. Astounding. We wandered over to see the Rosetta Stone which I had managed to miss/forget in my previous visits. I would have loved to crack codes – but I think I would have lost myself – that kind of thing is so addictive and compelling I am sure I would completely forget to eat and sleep and shower.

Today am off to meet with A & T to pick up our bumper crop of STR from A’s dad who very kindly yarn muled it across the Atlantic for us. Tidepooling here i come!!!

Planning for Red Nose Day Bingo this Thursday – bingo strips and dabbers to arrive tomorrow, red noses should arrive today, donated prizes have been arriving too (thank you and keep it coming!) as well as booby prizes for Fake Bingo winners (calling bingo when you didn’t really bingo!). We are also having a raffle for prizes for anyone not able to make it – just head on over to, make a donation and email me at alice AT with “RAFFLE ENTRY” as the subject header. You don’t need to tell me what you donated, just that you did, and I’ll enter your name in the draw for a prize.

One thought on “Crikey

  1. Ha ha ha, that purple STR in your bag was so funny. You neglected to say how much we had to drink… so you could blame it on that you know šŸ˜‰

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