Red Nose Day Night Bingo

Thursday was a really lovely day – firstly a bottle of Chateau d’Yquem arrived from my wonderful cousins John & Jenny. Thank you!! Gorgeous gorgeous. David & I are planning a dinner fit for the Sauternes… foie gras is definitely on the menu!

Following this a cheque arrived (yay) giving us back a retention held by the buyers from the sale of our flat last year and finally released because nothing went kaput after we left. We are entitled to more from overpayment of our service charge but we need to ask for that from the buyers. Sigh I love it when cheques are sent to us, rather than the more normal course of events where we send cheques out.

And to top off a fabulous day, Thursday night we had our first charity Bingo at Socktopus – all the prizes were donated: A big shout out to:
for their generous prize donations. (I hope I haven’t missed anyone – if I have please shout!)

There were cupcakes from Kerri, snickerdoodles from Ali, cookies from Mel, wine from Stacy and lots of laughs and giggles from everyone. This is the fruit of our bingo:

We raised £105 on the night, plus £36 for red noses and buttons, and over £100 from separate online donations for raffle tickets. In total we’ve raised over £200 from a wee group of knitters. Well done!

Next fundraising Bingo is going to be a Mad Knitter’s Bingo at the end of April for MSF, an organisation near and dear to many knitter’s hearts. Watch this space for the date. We already have donations coming in for prizes – from wonderful people like Ron Miskin of Buffalo Gold, and Cookie A to name but a few – so be sure to join us for a madcap fun night with knitterly bingo and a special ‘dirty lingo bingo’ especially for Mel & Ling. 😉

Hee hee and today, to top it all off, I received two lovely skeins of Wollmeise. So now am knitting my Tidepooling heavyweight STR Clapotis and watching BBC’s 2009 Comic Relief show. Awesome stuff. Back to Comic Relief….

3 thoughts on “Red Nose Day Night Bingo

  1. Yay! I’m glad to hear that you guys got the bottle. I was a little worried about the logistics of the delivery. Mmmm… foie gras… can’t wait to hear about the rest of your dinner!

  2. Chateau d’Yquem?! What a wonderful present. Am green with envy, j’adore Sauternes! Glad to hear about more bingo – will research the responses to the calls for next time!

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