Aaaaand sold! To the lady in the back with the flower in her cap…

Cookie is coming this weekend for her class – yay!  There are 3 spots left on the Sunday class: you never know you may have a budding sock designer inside you just waiting for an opportunity to learn from the master! 😉  We’re getting Cookie’s new book in at the end of the month so you will be able to preorder them shortly.

We live near an auction house… in fact we have lived near one for the last 3 years – our old flat was around the corner one and we now live up the road from another, but we had never actually bid for anything, until now.  We placed our first bid a couple weeks ago on a haberdashery chest (I love those glass fronted chests – Luke’s place on Gilmore Girls is filled with exactly the kind of furniture I love) but it was too low and the owner wasn’t willing to go below the reserve. 😦  But last weekend DH found a big chest of drawers that he liked and I didn’t object to (we have pretty differing tastes but seem to agree on campaign furniture and nice shiny richly coloured wood).  I also stumbled on  a massive chinese style trunk… so we put a bid on them, and won both!  DH came to the shop on Sunday after the gavel had fell on our items and I pretty much screamed with joy. I think I might have startled Meg, Sarah & Jennifer a bit (lovely ex-lawyer (yeah for another escapee!!), legal librarian &  scientist -check out her earthling baby hat designed by Jennifer for her friend’s baby- cutest baby ever!) who were knitting away and chatting.  Sorry!

Anyways here are our new olds (not really antiques, just antique looking).

The Chinese Trunk – Mahogany

I am not sure it will stay at the foot of our bed – I think we’ve got a few too many big pieces up there. Maybe in the guest room once we’ve sorted it out.

And the big chest of drawers. This baby has deeeeeeep drawers.


It just fits in the corner and very happily covers up the nasty piece of stained carpet/ripped up carpet by the door.  The chest was incredibly filthy when we brought it home – we had to use a wet cloth to wipe out the drawers, rinse the cloth, and repeat 3 times before it was in a state to use any of the wood cleaner we had.  But in the end the dark insides turned rosy and finally the cloths came away clean instead of blackened. Not sure where the thing had been, clearly somewhere incredible grimy.

And – well the main purpose for these new storage bits is not so much for clothing but for my yarn collection.


I love that everything has its own drawer… the chest is pretty full now…
Top left drawer is for *ahem* swatches and wound yarn cakes…(these are certainly not WIPs per se… I like to think of them as large swatches….).

Top right is sweater and large project yarns.

Middle left is japanese  (noro, habu) and handspun.

Middle right is other weights – DK, Lace, Aran etc.

My large swatch & cake drawer


And the best for last…. the heart of my collection is in the bottom 2 drawers (the deepest and therefore biggest): SOCK YARN


The right drawer is dedicated to STR. I think I have to put a moratorium on getting any new STR until I use some up since no more will fit in there. 😦 Happily I have a Shur’tagal KAL and the Rainforest Jasper will go – and I have a shawl/scarf planned with 2 of the heavy weight skeins… room to maneovre means SEX hopes… (please gutter minded people read the glossary!)

Another view. Sigh. LOVE (1,000,000,000).

There is a possibility the yarn will get moved to the trunk….I’ve got some clear sweater bags coming so some moving around will happen.  One day I will get a whole wall of those draper’s drawers and will be able to see all my yarn through the glass fronts.  But for now this works a treat.

4 thoughts on “Aaaaand sold! To the lady in the back with the flower in her cap…

  1. whenever I feel bad about my stash I am going to look at yours, Alice….. and it will probably make me buy even more yarn, because although there is part of me going “whew! at least I haven’t got that much of a stash” another part says, “must have stash like Alice’s”. It looks so beautiful!!

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