Socks Socks and more Socks!


This weekend was all about the Cookie.  Cookie A, sock guru extraordinaire came to London to give her Sock Design class at Socktopus.  A lovely perso & a talented designer, it was such a treat to have her. Never heard of Cookie? Check her out here on Knitting Daily (just got this today in email! way to go Cookie!)

Hot on the heels of her soon to be available book Sock Innovation, Cookie’s class focussed on the design process for socks, structure, pattern, texture and practical considerations for the fabric.  Cable suckage beware!  We got to thumb through an advance copy of her book – gorgeous socks, and really great diagrams and instruction.  Can’t wait to get these into the shop.  I want to knit all the socks in there!


Ali made orange muffins, and we had cookies and cupcakes from Bittersweet Bakers


As you would imagine, there was a lot of serious planning and consulting for the socks-to-be:

The classes were full of eager and imaginative knitters.


Lovely Lily!

Jen and the darling Woolley (class just wouldn’t be the same without him!)

Designers in the making… poring over reference books and making notes.  They look so studious!


Happy yarn cuddlers Barbara & Gerri.

And the famous Monkey.  I am touching THE Monkey!!  DSC_0008

And here is the Pomatomus. THE Pomatomus. And yes that’s me touching it.  Heart be still!


Happy sock designers getting much needed fuel for their designer mojo.


I think the Sat class had a lot of sugar – or maybe just Cookie?  There are 15 Cookie socks in the picture.  A prize for the first person to name all the socks in the photo – put your answers in the comments. Good luck!


Thanks Cookie for a fab weekend and sock inspiration extraordinaire.  Long Live the SOCK.

5 thoughts on “Socks Socks and more Socks!

  1. Ooh tricky, especially as I wasn’t there! How about:
    Rhiannon, Trystero, Baudelaire, Monkey, Pomatomus, German Stocking, Marilinda, Moselle, Red Herring, Flicker, Cauchy, Django, Mingus, Thelonious and Twisted Flower!

  2. Here’s my guess but I think I have a couple wrong and they are in no particular order: Monkey, Hedera, Pomatomus, Thelonius, Mingus, Strikken, Moselle, Marilinda, Red Herring, Baudelaire, Twisted Flower, Twisted flower, Gothic Spire, German Stocking, Rhiannon

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  4. Right too late to name all those socks but two photos of me missy! Actually the one in the group pic aint half bad for a change but I did burn my thigh on the halogen light in the steps while I sat there! Such a fantastic day. Was I really that studious?

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